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Juuling and Teenagers: Why Vaping is a Dangerous Trend

Are you a teen that thinks the juul is cuul? Well, I’m here to tell you…it’s not. Have you ever been peacefully walking across the Home Depot parking lot, and overhear a teenage boy saying, “Hey girl, let me hit yo juul?” If you have in fact experienced this, then you too should know that juuling has become a very big problem. As a teen myself, I have come to believe that a big factor in this juuling epidemic is peer pressure.

Truthfully, if you have friends that enjoy blowing vape clouds, then you may be sucked into the “Vape Nation,” as well. Whether we realize it or not, peer pressure is a real, and very dangerous thing that all us teens have to face on a daily basis.

Although some teens may not believe that they have been peer pressured to start using juuls or other things the truth is most teenagers have been peer pressured into buying a juul.

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Most of have heard about peer pressure because we are talking to about it for our whole lives. We may believe that it is an obvious thing that will never happen to us since it was made such a big deal as we were younger. With that being said, peer pressure could be something simple, however it can be crucial. Peer pressure isn’t always your friends trying to get you to try meth or coke. It could simply be your friend asking you if you want to hit their juul in home depot parking lot, and you do it because you don’t see anything wrong with trying something that seems so harmless.

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Then, you decide to get a juul too because all your friends have one, and you just want to fit in. After having these devices at your fingertips during every time of the day, your body begin to craves the nicotine and your now dependent on using it. Vapes have been around since about 2003, but just recently started to become what some may call “trendy”.

Many people didn’t even know what vapes and juuls were when the whole epidemic arose. Vapes and juuls are basically like an electronic cigarette that you can get different flavors, and different amounts of nicotine to put inside of them to smoke. All around the world teens ranging from 11-18 are actively using vapes, and juuls on a daily basis. The crisis has become so bad that the schools are now trying to raise awareness about the effects of using these vapes, in hopes to save the future of the next generation. Since vapes have not been on the market for too long, no one is really sure of the long term effects that can come from using these on a daily basis. The vaping epidemic is similar to what happened years ago when cigarettes came out, everyone wanted them they were heavenly advertised, and they made you quote on quote “ cool”. As for now, medical professionals have become very concerned with the higher concentrations of nicotine in juuls than any other e-cig or vape. In juuls there are 59 mg/mL, which is twice the amount of concentration than any other e-cig. The amount of nicotine in one juul pod is equivalent to one whole pack of cigarettes, and most teens go through a whole pack, containing four pods, in one week. Which means that most of teens are smoking four packs of cigarettes in one week.

Not only is nicotine highly addictive, but nicotine is also known to impair brain and lung development if used during adolescence. After researching, I found that there are so many effects that come from juuling, that most teens do not know or realize. What most teens don’t know is that when they “get nicced”, also known as like a head rush, your body is releasing adrenaline, and increasing the oxygen to your brain. After nicotine enters your body, it makes it more difficult for your blood and oxygen to reach their target cells. Which makes your body become stressed, and increases the risk of you having a stroke or a heart attack. Another effect from entering nicotine into your body is long term nicotine consequences. Studies find that the leading causes of preventable cancer is tobacco and nicotine. If most teens would sit back and look at the bigger picture rather than thinking that they’re always right, it might save a lot of their futures.

Although many school systems are raising awareness about vapes and juuls, I believe that most of the hard headed teens will not stop what their doing until they absolutely have to. As a teen myself, I know that most of the teens who do juul believe that they are in no wrong, and that there are no effects that really come from this. The mind of a teenager is very bipolar, we often go back and forth on making decisions, but as soon as you tell us we can’t/ shouldn’t do something then we want to do it and prove you wrong. In my opinion, I believe that nothing is going to change with juuls and vapes until the users actually start to see what is wrong with them. With that being said, once someone has their opinion on something it is very hard to change their mind.

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