Vaping Increase Amount of Smoking Students at School

Vaping can be just as harmful as cigarettes. There is research that goes into the chemicals in E-cigarette and the effect on the human body. School officials are very concerned with students vaping at school. Vaping is seen as healthier than actual smoking. This causes more people to take it much more. There is research that shows students between grades 6 to 12 have n increase of smoking with 12 percent to 20 percent. This may be the cause if vaping desensitizing the harsh effect of inhalant substances.

There I research that says vaping has critical health risks on the body. Vaping is when you can heat the same components from a cigarette to become aerosolized without starting a combustion reaction with other compounds causing you to get the effects faster than cigarette smoke. However, chemicals like propylene used for flavoring in smoking has some damaging effects. There is not much known about the effect of E-cigarettes different products may have damaging chemicals made in them.

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People must be cautious about taking them as they may have much fewer effects of cigarettes that doesn’t mean they are safe to use.

With these effects and the unawareness of other effects schools are very concerned with teens in vaping. With the quick light scented flavored smell, they are very hard to find in school. They are also not hard to find students buy them online. To help with the vape problems with teens schools are putting in new programs to educate students about vaping. Teachers are also trained to detect vaping when it goes on in school.

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I believe that the steps officials are taking are just going to make the problem worst. With the new programs included in health courses, teachers are not realizing that they are introducing and educating students about a potentially harmful illegal substance.

This may cause an increase of vaping in schools. A similar issue peaked in the 1980s where drug crimes were very high. To help with this the government funded a program called Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E). It was a program to educate people about drugs and gangs in America and how to stop it. A research done in the 1990’s that D.A.R.E was a massive failure. Not only did the program have no decrease in drug use but an astonishing increase. It introduced people to street drugs and cause people to use it. Schools should not educate children about illegal substances instead they should crack down on security to stop it. 

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