Computer Science Must Be Compulsory in the Curriculum

Computer science is an incredible career option for people who wants to change the planet. And my passion for Computer science took place during my study time in high school, when I was at the receiving end of a motivational speech from a famous Computational scientist about the fascinating future in this sector. I often look back at that moment as the preamble of my intention to explore a career path in computer science. Which is also one of the fastest growing job sector and a leading industry in modern times.

A Computing Professionals earn highest salaries in the North America even all over the world. But it’s not just about the money. It is such a creative, exciting and satisfying profession. Considering all these reasons I have determined to study this subject.

I wish to study in a place which provides maximum students facilities. This criteria perfectly fits with Canada than any other countries. It is a country where a student gets plenty of facilities.

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It also has a suitable study environment for the students. The education system of Canada is very effective and functional. So is its government and security system. Furthermore, Canadian society is very hospitable and friendly though it is one of the wealthiest countries. Their way of welcoming foreigner is too overwhelming. Canada houses people from different cultural and religious backgrounds, where everyone is free to survive with their own lifestyle and face no discrimination. This, along with the amazing record of gender equality has made Canada a model example for the rest of the world.

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Considering all factors, i decided to persue this degree from Canada.

In order to choose a suitable university for my higher studies is an important decision and I did extensive inquiry for this. I was looking for an institution which provides quality education with practical classes, field works and modern technology which can help me in achieving maximum skills. The unprecedented features of Memorial university mesmerized me in that regard. It is one of the best and largest university in Atlantic Canada. They spend a big amount in research grants and contracts annually. It has excellent lab facilities, experienced and enough faculty members and environment for learning which deserve special praise. Besides, the achievements of Computer science department of this institution are massive. Also, it offers undergraduate courses in very reasonable tuition costs. Finally, I made the decision to pursue my undergraduate degree from this university.

It is possible to take same degree from other universities of my country too. But the programs that all local universities offer are not recognized worldwide and do not match the international standards of education. Moreover, teachers are not well skilled and the university campuses are not safe for students because of politics, ragging and drugs. Also, all universities are not up to date with technological equipment’s. As a consequence, students stumble to complete their graduation successfully. And to be a professional in the field of computer science, I do not want to lack in any state of this course.

My overall educational goals are to gain the theoretical and applied concepts of computer science from this university and then fill the absence of capable and master hands in my native land. However, i wish to work as a lecturer of a local university and by this I will be able to boost the young generation to work on that field and bring out a new pathway for the future. .

Bangladesh is developing quite fast in IT sector and on the way of being a modern country based on technology. As such, lot of new tech companies are emerging on a regular basis in our country. But, they are suffering the lack of skilled individuals in this sector though we have enough potentialities and segments. To continue this flow we need skilled person. After attaining this degree, I will be eligible to work in various sector of my country such as banking, small local tech companies to large dynamic multinational companies, even in government departments. Where, a Canadian degree holder will get the priority and its highly valued.

After graduation, I wish to return to Bangladesh as soon as possible because I have strong ties with my family, friends and my motherland. All of my family members, relatives and friends live in this country. Specially, my old father whom i have to take care and the elderly member of our family is my grandmother, i am most adorable to her. Besides, i have to conduct the fixed assets which i will get by inheritance. Also, I have emotional bond and plethora of memories with my country because i was born there. Additionally, My dream from childhood is to contribute on making digital Bangladesh. As i mentioned earlier that we need experts with maximum Knowledge. I hope after achieving my degree, i will work for my country with my best efforts. And this degree will help me to realize my aforementioned goal.

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