Coach Carter Assignment

MGMT8330 - Coach Carter Essay

Due March 23, 2019, 11:59 pm

Watch the movie Coach Carter (2005) starring Samuel L. Jackson as Coach Ken Carter.

The Conestoga Library has provided us access as follows:

Here is the link to the Library's catalogue record to Coach Carter:

After clicking on this link scroll down the Online Access heading and click "view online." At this point if you or students are viewing from home you will be instructed to log in-

ID: employee/student number

PIN: last 4 digits of the above number

For your convenience, some of the movie character names are listed below:

Kenyon Stone Worm Tonya

Damien Carter Maddux Peyton

Junior Battle Ty Crane Principal Garrison

Jason Lyle Timo Cruz RennySubmit an essay that identifies and applies leadership theories we have covered in this course.

Include information that allows me to recognize that you correctly understand each theory that you reference (i.e. explicitly indicate the name of the theory). Was the theory applied effectively? Explain and include examples from the movie to support your observations and conclusions.

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Please use the following framework and sub-headings for your report, with equal emphasis to these 4 areas:

Vision and Motivation - what was the coach's vision, and how motivation theories did you see applied in this story? How effectively did he get results?

Ethics - what role did ethics play in the behaviour of the Coach and some of the other characters? Use learned theories to analyze the dilemmas that were faced, and what resolution principles were used or could have been used to resolve the dilemmas?

Leadership Effectiveness - describe how effective the coach was, analyzing his behaviour and results using our learned traits, and intelligences to support your conclusions.

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Apply at least one of the learned Contingency theory to the coach's situation.

Your Personal Leadership Development - what were the key lessons that you can apply in your life, your job, and as a Project Manager? Give personal examples!

Report format requirements: * cover sheet with your name; course name & code; instructor's name; due date; assignment title

* 1500-2500 words

* Submit it electronically by the beginning of class on the due date, and bring a printed copy to class (print doubled-sided, stapled, I don't need any fancy plastic binding)


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Assignment Requirements Submission is lacking information on each requirement. Submission is partially developed. Well-developed submission that explores all facets of the assignment. Fully developed submission that examines all facets of the assignment with unique opinions and insights.

  • Clarity and Organization Random or scattered ideas lacking focus
  • No apparent deliberate organization Minimal, simple organization
  • Some orderly progression of ideas and a general focus
  • Some sections confusing or unrelated to main idea Clear, logical pattern of development in organization

General focus and coherence

  • Logical sequence of ideas with effective headings
  • Transitions between ideas consistently smooth and effective
  • Elegant, subtle seamless pattern of organization

Structure may be innovative

Ideas flow naturally and smoothly, reinforce and support content

Writing Conventions Significant grammar, sentence structure, spelling or punctuation errors. Frequent but minor sentence structure, spelling or punctuation errors. Minimal grammar, sentence structure, spelling or punctuation errors. No grammar, sentence structure, spelling or punctuation errors.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021
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