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Cloning in The Adoration Of Jenna Fox

The Adoration Of Jenna Fox relates to real life because of meeting new people, feelings and also as the Kirkus Reviews said – “Outstanding examination of identity, science and ethics. Reason reveal the truth layer by layer, maintain taut suspense and psychological realism as she probes philosophical notions of personhood.”

Protective parents, Jenna had very protective ones but for a reason, In the book Jenna almost dies and get cloned with “bio gel” to make a new body that she can live in with the same memories and feelings.

Claire is very protective of Jenna because she doesn’t want anyone figuring out of knowing that she is not a human but a clone. Claire does not want anyone to know Jenna of make contact with her, but Jenna is a very curious young woman and is eager to start a new life with new people “I should be afraid. Mother would want me to be afraid. But other than Mother, Father and Lily, Mr bender is the only human being I have seen since I woke up.

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I want to speak to someone who doesn’t know me.” (pg. 17)

Being curious. Jenna Fox is a very curious and questioning person, she is always thinking new things and as has so much to learn and even though some of it is really bad she is still very eager to find out about her past and figure out her future. When she tells a very close person to her what she is and she is scared and frightened to see what their reaction is.

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“ He stares at me. His face is stiff. Frightening. I feel weak. What have I done? I should’ve kept quiet. Listened to mother. To Lily. I want to take back every word, but it is too late.” (Pg.156)

Finding herself, Jenna’s brain is really her own, with the rest uploaded onto her brain. When Jenna finds out about the accident, she realises why remaking her identity so difficult. She doesn’t know who she is, and she is trying to uncover her past. We see that Jenna’s parents maybe did not make the best decision, as Jenna struggles to remake her identity, going through lots of ups and downs throughout the book. Using the available technology, Matthew and Claire re-created their perfect daughter. But, as Jenna finds remaking her identity difficult, this maybe says that her parents might have been too early and not thought out in their decision to save her. They made the right choice, but Jenna is not without her problems.

In conclusion, The Adoration Of Jenna Fox relates to the real world in many ways apart from being made more than half out of “bio gel” But she experiences many simular things to modern day teenagers. Such as having parents that really care about her, learning new things at different paces and finding herself throughout life.

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