Chris McCandless: Temperament Types

Chris McCandless temperament types were introverted, i, f, and j. When it comes to the extroversion and introversion preferences, Chris prefers introversion. According to the MBTI Basics, introverts prefer doing things alone or in small groups. This preference is evident in the character of McCandless in the story. In reference to McCandless’ relationship with others it is well shown through the relationship he has with his car. Chris took trips alone. He liked doing things by himself. He even left his car not by choice, but he ended up loving the open road and traveling by foot.

Krakauer 28).

A person who prefers extroversion would not likely travel alone because they need other people to remain energized. Therefore, one can infer that Chris had a propensity toward introversion and took trips to get away from others and society, probably to re-energize. When it comes to the sensing and intuition preferences, McCandless prefers sensing. According to the MBTI Basics, Sense’s prefer actual facts and remembering details that are important to them.

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This preference is evident in the character of McCandless.

In reference to Chris’ way of feeling something out before making a decision shows that his temperament type was sensing. Chris shows us how he is a sensor when he reached the Morelos Dam and the Mexican border: worried that he would be denied entry because he was carrying no identification, he sneaked into Mexico by paddling through the dam’s open floodgates and shooting the spillway below. (Krakauer 34). A person who is intuitive reads “between the lines’ they do everything very precisely and plans ahead.

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They know every step of the way.

That’s why this shows Chris is Sensing because he just does things and then learns from them. He doesn't plan ahead he learns by doing. When it comes to the thinking and feeling preferences, McCandless prefers thinking. According to the MBTI Basics, thinkers sometimes miss or don't value the “people’ part of a situation. This preference is evident in the character of Chris in the story. In reference of how he handled situations with people it shows that he was a thinker and not a feeler. Chris has sent a postcard to Burres telling her where he was and that it was good to hear she was still alive.

Burres told Chris that she would come and visit him but before her and her boyfriend Bob, were preparing to drive to see him they found a backpack leaning up against their van. She recognized it as Chris’s. Chris explained in a letter that he had grown tired of Bullhead, tired of punching a clock, tired of the “ plastic people” he worked with, and decided to get the hell out of town. (Krakauer 43). A feeling person would have at least waited until they came to visit so they could interact and then leave not just leave a note.

Chris explained the people around him as “ plastic” and this explains why he was more of a thinker. He did not value people because he was fine on his own. When it comes to the judging and perceiving preferences, Chris preferred Perceiving. According to the MBTI Basics, perceivers prefer a flexible and spontaneous way of life, and like to understand and adapt to the world rather than to organize it. This explains Chris’s character perfectly. His whole story was about perceiving. Chris escaped into the wilderness because he didn't want to live life in a planned or orderly way.

Even the orderly things that he did do such as work at McDonald’s in Bullhead he still did things his way and at his own pace. Lori a second assistant manager said “He could do the job—he cooked in the back—but he always worked at the same slow pace, even during lunch rush, no matter how much you would get on him to hurry. ”(Krakauer 40). A person that is judging would prefer to have things decided, and they would have a list of things to do and when they were going to do them. Chris was not this way.

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