Child Marriage is not Okay

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Why do people all around the world think it’s right to force children into marriage when they have no choice but to follow the rules . Why do people think it’s okay to sell or buy a human. Over one million children are forced into marriage and forced out of school and into marriage. A girl named Malado was forced out of school and into marriage. Parents sell their children to settle debts and can be abused by anyone who bought them.

Doing this is not okay in many ways. Children in early marriage don’t choose to be in that marriage. Many people around the world don’t see what the big deal is with letting kids get married at a young age. What’s wrong with it is, that kids have no choice in what they do so they are forced to get married no matter what they want.

First of all, over one million children of different ages and genders are forced into marriage.

According to “Girls Not Brides “ by PR Newswire “they condemn them to long hours of drudgery, social isolation, and are greater risk of physical or sexual abuse”. This gives children little possibility of success when they get older. And having a possible risk of breaking bones and or “PTSD” from trauma. Also, according to “ Girls Not Brides “ by PR Newswire it states “ they have every little say over anything. This shows how they have no choice into what happens in their life and what affects them.

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Many people think that child marriage is not harmful; However, what they don’t know is when children are forced into marriage they are also forced into adulthood and out of their childhood. “HIV and AIDS are leading to an increase in early marriage” according to “Married to Young “ by Karen Fanning. These diseases are dangerous in general and even more dangerous to kids. According to Marriage or Else by Rod Nordland there have been threats causing marriage like “if you don’t marry me i will put a bomb on you and send you to the police station.” this show in some marriages both the children and the parents are forced to give up their children and getting married.

The opposition might argue there is no harm in early marriage and their parents just want a better life for their children. However, in some cases you putting them in a more dangerous situation. And causing the children to believe their parents didn’t want them or that they weren’t good enough and that’s why they got rid of them. Or that they are just a profit and their worthless.

Last of all child marriage needs to end. According to the text Married too Young by Karen Fanning, “many girls are pulled out of school”. So Not only are they stripped of their childhood this also harms their chance of having a good future and getting a job. “I am not an item, I’m a human being” from girls not brides by PR Newswire. Making girls feel like items and profits is not okay in any way and it needs to stop.

Child marriage: Over one million of young people all around the world are forced into marriage according to “married too Young by Karen Fanning. Children no matter what age, gender , or ethnicity should never be forced into marriage. Children should never be forced out of school. No matter if you get paid to sell your child never actually do it. You never know the environment you’ll be putting them in. After reading many articles about child marriage there needs to be a way to stop it, whether it’s a law or anything to help prevent child marriage.

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