Preventing Kidnapping: Tips for Parents and Families

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Kidnapping is any illegal capture or detention by any strangers for criminal and mischievous purpose. In criminal laws, kidnapping means taking away or asportation of a person against the person’s will. These problems are usually caused by parental child abduction, children abduction for slavery and abduction results from parents to bring up as their own. Now, here are some preventions for these particular circumstance from occur. First of all, parents ought to give guidelines to their children. They should play their very important role to build up a family safety plan.

Parents need to educate their kids to think logically, in order to do so, kids must be taught that questioning, reasoning, and criticizing are good requirement to stay safe. They have to stay aware of the surrounding issues and keep alert.

For example, teach the kids about stranger and common lures used by kidnapper such as giving sweets to seduce them and many more. Other than that, parents should also listen to their kids’ problem.

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Ask if they have question, and listen carefully to their answer. Parents have to put themselves into their children’s shoes. Moreover, it is essential to know where the kids are going, who is with them and when they are suppose to return home.

Parents can check on the location of their children if they keep a list of acquaintance’s phone numbers. Besides that, an implantable chip touted is another effective solution for child kidnapping. The chip can be surgically planted under a child’s skin, putting it into the fabric of clothes or inserted under the skin by injection.

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With this chip, parents can easily detect their children’s situation, once they are out of the certain area the special alarms will send out a SOS signal.

This is because it has an SOS button, which sends an SMS and position coordinates to a predefined mobile number if the child is in trouble. A parent can call the child back to find out what the problem is. Kidnapping can be controlled if the laws are strong and if you inform your parent or guardian where you are going.


It was sunny morning. The birds were all out tweeting and searching for food. We were going to our friend Jordan's house for his birthday party. I went over to Ethan, my best friend's house. I pushed the door bell and after a few seconds, Ethan's mom opened the door and invited me in. The house was warm and welcoming from the inside. I saw Ethan's dad working on something on the laptop. He stopped, looked at me and greeted me and started typing again. I headed towards the stairs. I called out for Ethan and went up the stairs. I entered his room. The walls were blue and he had a window which showed his backyard. There was toys scattered on his floor and his cupboard was open which showed jumbled and messed up cloths. He was finished putting on his shoes and quickly came out. We headed out of the house. Ethan's mom came out and told us to be careful and not to stay too late.

We were walking down the street, talking about things going around in school and other things. As we were walking, I noticed a man who had been behind us for some time. I looked back. It was a man wearing a black hoodie with dark coloured jeans. His face was not clearly seen as he was covering his face with the hoodie. He had his hands in his pocket and looked like he was holding something in his pocket. I looked at Ethan and hit him lightly with my elbow to catch his attention.

"What is it?" he said.

"I think that man is following us"

He took a quick look behind. "Just ignore him. Maybe he will go away".

We became cautious, put our guard up and continued walking. I had a feeling that the man was not a good person. He literally looked like he was a criminal hiding from the police. We continued walking for a while. I felt like I was being followed. I looked back again and saw the man was still behind us. I told Ethan that we should change our lane and see if the man still follows us. He agreed and we walked by to the other lane. The man also changed lanes. We both looked back almost at the same time. We had a tense and scared look on our faces. The man was behind us. We abruptly took speed and walked faster. We had reached a corner and the man could not be seen. We started to run and stopped and hid between two buildings near the dumpster. Our heads popped out of the side of the dumpster to see if he had followed us.

We looked at each other in fear, breathing hard and worried. Ethan whispered in my ear "we should stay here so he could pass" suddenly he was interrupted by the sound of a man who was talking on the phone. We peaked out, to our horror it was the man who was following us. In shock I trembled and accidently fell a bottle down. The man swiftly turned towards us. We looked for options to escape. Nothing. Our best chances were to run past him and pray that he doesn't catch us. We got up to run but we hit the man following us and fell down he got out a handkerchief and caught us. I kept moving around, trying to escape from his grasp but he clenched on tightly. He covered our nose and mouth with it. The handkerchief smelt strange and I fell unconscious. He did the same with Ethan.

My eyes slowly began to open. I had a small headache and saw hazy for a while. My senses came back to me and noticed my hands were tied. Ethan was close to me still knocked out. We were in a van. I got up and cried for help the kidnapper pulled over and put a cloth in my mouth. "SHUT UP". I struggled to get my hands untied. I used all my strength to break free but it was hopeless. The van stopped and the kidnapper got out. He opened the door and saw me trying to break free. He had an evil grin on his face. He grabbed me by my shirt and took me out. "Go get the other kid". Another man came in sight and dragged Ethan out of the van. The man was much bigger than the kidnapper. He had a tattoo on his arm, a serious face and a scar on his same arm he had a tattoo on. He had his belly slightly popping out of his shirt.

They took us into an abandoned warehouse with broken windows and the walls were dirty. The kidnapper shoved me inside and tied me on a filthy wooden chair next to some old machinery with same few shattered pieces of glass next to the machine. Ethan was tied right next to me. "If you move I will hurt you really bad and will slice open your friend here" said the kidnapper. I had just seen his full face for the first time. He had a beard and had an evil gleam in his eyes. He was much skinnier and shorter than the other abductor. He came next to me and told me to say my parent's number. He brought up a gun next to my face. I quivered in fear and stammering, told him the number. He called up my mom and put the phone on speaker. "Don't dare to try anything", he played around with the gun in his hand like a toy indicating his threat towards me.

"Hello". My mother was talking.

"Listen I got your kid, if you want him in one piece send me a million dollars in cash to the place I am texting you" said the man

"Who is this?" she said.

The kidnapper brought the phone close to me, indicating to speak.

"MOM" I cried.

"Please don't·" the phone was cut.

He walked out and after I while the van was started and drove away. It was evening now a beam of butter gold came through a broken window and hit Ethan on the face and he woke up. He felt his hands tied and tried to free them. He saw me sitting next to me

"Where are we?" he asked.

"They knocked us out and brought us to the warehouse but don't worry I think I have a plan".

I stood up, my arms and legs still tied up and hopped to the broken glass piece near the machine next to me. I sat down near the glass shards and tried to grab one. It was a very tense moment; my attention was on the glass and the entrance as they could come any moment. I stretched out my hand. "Almost there" I said. I stretched out to the maximum level I could go. A moment of relief I got hold of it. "Yes!" said Ethan. I began cutting the rope, moving fast as I could go. I was half way through. My heart was beating a thousand times faster as I was scared that they would catch us. My hands sweating from fear of being caught, Ethan was desperately looking. I was one cut from being free. Suddenly the glass fell down and broke into tinnier pieces. Tears rolled up in my eyes but I didn't give up, with all my force I tore the last piece of rope. I rushed and untied my legs and untied Ethan next. "Let's get out of here before they come".

We dashed out of the warehouse as fast as we could. We were a few metres away from the warehouse. I turned back and saw the van coming back. "We need to run faster, they have reached the warehouse". We picked up our speed and kept on running. I just remembered that Jordan's house was not that far from here. I told Ethan that it would be best that we go to his house and call our parents. He agreed and we headed out to Jordan's house. We occasionally looked behind to see if they had seen us.

"I hope they won't find us" said Ethan.

"We will call our parents as soon as we reach there and also call the police".

"But what if they find us in Jordan's place?"

"We just have to hope for the best".

We reached the house after centuries of running. We both knocked the door. Jordan came outside. Before he could say anything, we quickly rushed in and closed the door. We looked out of the window. "Where have you guys been? You missed the party" said Jordan. We did not answer his question and asked for his phone and called our parents to his house. Afterwards we explained Jordan the incident that happened to us. We heard a car after few minutes and went towards the door. We opened the door and saw our parents and an officer and rushed towards them. We went straight to the police station after that.


Updated: Mar 22, 2023
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