Preventing Environmental Damage

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The world is recently being beleaguered by environmental issues and problems left and right. Our world is degrading quickly, and such is due in big part to the activities of man (Cline, 1992). For instance, lots of motions and organizations see the earth's issue with respect to contamination, global warming and destruction of ecosystems (Cline, 1992). These are ecological problems that are triggered by acts of man. Therefore, the solution and more significantly, the prevention, of these issues likewise depend on the hands of man.

More particularly, the locations where male might take steps towards fixing the damage to the environment hire leaders to develop programs and policies created to treat the issue. Furthermore, leaders require to utilize techniques to carry out such programs and policies and provide results. The participation of leaders in conserving the environment appears in the acts of nations in taking responsibility in the prevention and saving the environment. As big movers of the world, and wielding great power over its residents and personal business, countries can achieve a lot in avoiding more environmental damage.

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The various methods in avoiding the environment vary in accordance with the particular reasons for the damage. Understanding the reasons for environmental damage would determine the proper actions that would prevent such damage from occurring. When it comes to countries' duty in this regard, their programs of actions must consist of strict rules and guidelines that restrict the power of individuals, groups, and communities to exploit the environment.

Countries' governments are the only institutions that are provided the authority and required to control the use and exploitation of natural resources.

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Therefore, countries should be active and vigilant in protecting their environment. For example, coral reef environments, which are very crucial in keeping the balance of life systems under the sea, are always being damaged by abuses by guy in using resources from it (Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research Study). Thus, the main reason for destruction of coral reefs is contamination triggered by male (Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research Study).

Thus, environmental protection by countries should consist of the enactment of environmental protection measures and the formulation of appropriate environmental policies (Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research). Another illustration can be found in environmental issues surrounding the use of fossil fuels. Such use creates problems because they cause global warming, and fossil fuel is non-renewable; thus, their use depletes vital resources (“Benefits from Fossil Fuel Use”).

Countries can help prevent such environmental problems by helping the private sector develop technologies that address our dependence on fossil fuel and thereby reduce such dependence and reduce pollution (“Benefits from Fossil Fuel Use”). Another example of the participation of countries in preventing environmental damage is through agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States. The agency has the jurisdiction and authority to regulate the emissions of greenhouse gases by different sources, such as new motor vehicles (Barze Jr.

and Casey, 2007). The initiative of countries can also be shown through the adoption of energy saving and better products that do not cause further damage to the environment. One example can be seen in the initiative of leaders of the European Union. They decided that before the end of the decade, all European homes, offices and streets must use energy efficient lighting (EU to switch to energy-efficient bulbs. (International Report), 2007). Works Cited Barze Jr. , R. B. & Casey, T. L. (2007). The future of greenhouse gas emission regulations: Massachusetts v.

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” 8 Sept. 2006. 20 Oct. 2007 <http://www. cop. noaa. gov/ecosystems/coralreefs/current/cres-micro-factsheet- cr. html>. Cline, W. R. (1992). The Economics of Global Warming. Washington, DC: Institute for International Economics. ISBN paper 0-88132-132-X. EU to switch to energy-efficient bulbs. (International Report). (2007). Global Warming Today: General OneFile. Gale. University of Arizona Library. Retrieved October 31, 2007, from http://find. galegroup. com. ezproxy1. library. arizona. edu/itx/start. do? prodId=ITOF

Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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