Proposal Preventing School Dropout


Presently, it is expected that all students need to finish from high school. Still, numerous students in American schools leave of school prior to graduating. Many observations made clearly reveal that more students continue to drop out of schools and the objective guaranteeing that each student graduate from high school remains a pipe dream.

It is becoming clear that the concerns of trainees dropping out of school are related with the social and financial concerns impacting the society and can not be dealt with independently.

These social-economical concerns include joblessness, poverty, social worths, discrimination household, the welfare, drug abuse and kid abuse. Trainees who leave of school are anticipated to increase in future and create a bigger issue. Dropping out of school is a multifaceted problem of which there is no single option for it. Putting emphasis on fixing one aspect of the problem results in the need of getting options for other related issues. Therefore, that is why that a broad range of activities and companies be included to assist resolve the problem.

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The mission for proposition

Having a mission statement is really crucial as it offers the proposition a direction and objectives and goals of the stated activities. The objective statement is; Guaranteeing that all trainees in schools graduates through producing collaboration with schools, students, the neighborhood and all the stakeholders.

How the propositions services is structured

Having a clear structure of the proposal is very essential in guaranteeing that proposed services achieve success delivered. Accordingly, the proposition services will be structured in manner in which there is a division depending upon the various services.

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Various departments will perform various services accordingly. For instance, outreach program division, funding division and professional training department.

The resource path for proposal

Financial resources human resource is important in implementing any proposals. In accordance to that the proposal will be financed from grants and aids from private or public bodies including the local government and the federal governments. The human resources will include professional who will work as volunteers and other social workers who will assist the in implementing the objectives and the goals suggested by the proposal. Individual who will carry out this proposal will be social workers, child workers professional, and psychologists. They will do this through conducting group sessions, taking with teachers concerned with students learning progress, doing parenting management and carrying out training skills in students homes.

The content of proposal services

It has been noted that any meaningful student dropout prevention program should offer strong educational alternatives, challenges, opportunities services and support to the students to assist them to be able to complete and graduate from their respective schools.

For the purpose of this proposal program, the key areas that the proposal has identified are;

  1. accountably
  2. Instructional focus
  3. Community involvement
  4. School structure
  5. Relevancy and learning

The above issues when well implemented will provide both the students and their parents with a holistic approach to motivate students to be able to complete school.

The agency will coordinate its activities with schools, districts, students, parents and the whole community in carrying out its activities. This will ensure that the agency creates an effective school dropout prevention program. The agency will provide;

  • Professional improvement activities
  • Technical assistance
  • Counselling
  • Financial assistance

The content of proposal services

Any successful program to prevent students from dropping out of school has to use various strategies to support students’ achievements. I strongly thus suggest that the following programs have to be implemented in the program.

Relevancy learning;

This program has the ability to motivate a student to learn, the strategies provides a chance for the student to integrate more with the school and the community. The strategy will involve;

Mentoring the student; where the student will be mentored by a mentor and be provided with academic support which address the student needs such as math, writing or reading competencies.

Service learning; this aspect connects school learning to important community services and experiences. This will provide the student with real world situations and promote the student social, personal and academic growth. Civil responsibility and career development will also be covered here.

Alternative schooling; this strategy provides students who may want to dropout with various options which can make the graduate from school. Such options includes, flexible scheduling, distance learning and technology and different program setting.

How agency will link with proposal

The proposal will be linked with the agency through the management and the outreach program. The program proposal will be carried out by the outreach program which will have a duty of implementing the proposal policies. Partnerships with other agencies with same objectives will be sought to ensure that proposal is well linked.

How proposal services will be linked to communities

Community participation in any program that involves the society as a whole is very important. Connecting the students to the community at large helps to remove what is seen as the “school barrier” and assists in providing chances for complete support and planning. It motivates the students towards their career advancement and participation. It also provides the students with the necessary interpersonal and social skills to make them be successful in life. Several strategies will have to be undertaken to achieve this goal, this are:

Systemic renewal; it calls for involving the community and other stake holders in regular process of assessing the objectives and in planning, and formulating  policies to prevent students from dropping out of the school. This will also require using the available data, analysing the school system and evaluating the progress made by the students.

Community collaboration; community collaboration is beneficial to both the students and the school community. This will help to put up strong infrastructure ad also support the teaching staff with the current complex objectives and goals for the current students.

Conflict resolution; an all-inclusive program to build interpersonal skills, enhance conflict resolution ability, and building awareness to prevent violence highly promotes the success of dropout prevention program. Conflict resolution creates an enabling environment and for the young youths (students) to achieve in the society.

How you will see implementation of proposal

For this proposal to be useful, it has to be implemented by the responsible bodies. Thus, the proposal suggest that the school have principals will have to implement strategies in their schools as suggested in the proposal. The district education board will ensure that the proposals are being carried out correctly. It will be expected that the implementation of the proposals will be done immediately. At the same time the community will be educated through social workers on importance on school dropout programs.

Personal effective; carrying out retreat program designed to improve student’s self esteem, through regular classroom- based discussion, participation on interpersonal relations, and individual counselling.

Academic; this will be achieved by providing special educational courses, instruction methods that are individualized.

Family outreach; this will include home visits and feedback strategies.

Work related; this program strategy will involve vocational training, service program and partaking in volunteer service.

To ensure that the proposal program is carried out effectively, there will be a project coordinator who will work together with different groups to coordinate activities for effective implementation

Evaluating the impact of proposal service on the people you intend to benefit from your proposal

To analyse the effectiveness of the proposed program, regular reviews of the number students attendance will be examine in specific schools where the program will be being carried out to analyze the impact of the program. The assessment will be based on measuring the percentage of dropout in schools that have carried out the proposal suggestions. Other measures as the impact of rate of school attendance will also be measured, to ascertain the counselling and interpersonal training effects of the program on the specific students.

 Emphasizing the rational reasoning for each of the nine recurring policy issues

To support the policies of the proposal research and studies finding will be used. Also practical field experience will be collected and data complied to support the measures of the proposed policies. The results of the proposed proposals from the field will be used to emphasize the measures taken. This will be supported by interviews from participants and from the schools where the program will be carried out.

Social work ethical dilemmas does your proposal recognize and address

The proposal recognizes the social issue of keeping research information confidential and protecting participants of in the program. All participants observation notes, responses and personal information will be held in the strictest of confidence and will not be revealed even after the study has concluded.  All participants will be required to sign a confidentiality statement and will be encouraged vehemently to concur with the terms of the agreement.

(Addressing the `digital divide

Technology remains important in facilitated education across the board. Technology allows schools and teachers to carry out effective teaching and educational programs. Schools with well technological equipments have been observed to perform better than those with poor technological facilities. Technology remains in schools and in programs to prevent school dropouts.

The implications of lack of access to and or skill in using information

Observations show that those schools with better technology have high chances of retaining their students in schools than those with poor technology. At the same time students who have access to computers and other technology equipments are like not to dropout of school than those who do not have the access to technology. Technology such as computer also allows a student to continue with studies for instance by use of distance learning which limits dropout rates. Thus, the badly impacted groups due to lack of technology will be students and teachers

Ways to change this lack of access and skills into easy and quick

Students and schools can be assisted to access technology through grants and/or financial or technology assistance to equip these schools. Students on the other hand can be trained on technology, given aid in terms of technology or learning materials on the technology. This has to be continuous process so that there lack of technology can be minimized through these programs. Also a program should be introduced in which to regularly train teachers on new technologies available so that they can be equipped with latest technology.


The issue of school dropouts remains crucial and alarming in the United States. Statistics continue to reveal that a large number of students dropout of schools before they can graduate. Thus, it is important that the issue be addressed fully, it has been noted that school dropout is a social issue that requires to be tackled by different ways to solve it. Some of these ways include involving the community, counselling students and availing technology to both schools and students. However, school dropout problem will continue to challenge the education policy makers in the country.

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