Characteristics of Affective Communication Essay

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Characteristics of Affective Communication

Communication is the process exchange information of ideas, thoughts, opinions and feeling between two or more persons. It involves listening, questioning, explaining, clarifying and convincing. Effective communication entails a two way process it involves sending the right message and ensuring it is correctly received and understood by the other person. For effective communication to be complete one, has to get feedback as this ensures the status of conveying the message. For effective communication, it is essential to understand the people one is communicating. (Barnlund, 2008) Discussion

Characteristics of effective communication include.

I. Completeness For effective communication, one has to ensure that he/she does send incomplete message. Message sent should always be supported by facts and observation. The message should be well planned and organized to enhance understandability. The receiver should not make any assumptions about the message. (Roy, 2010)

II. Clarity Message to be delivered must be clear in the mind of the sender. The receiver and the sender should have the message clear in their minds. To enhance clarity of the message one should use easy words so that listeners can get it easily. In verbal communication, one should work a little bit in one’s accent and pronunciation. (Roy, 2010)

III. Empathy Empathy among listeners is essential for effective verbal communication. When addressing, the speaker should understand his or her audience needs and emotions. This will enhance the speaker to understand from their perspective thus making communication more effective to him and the audience. (Roy, 2010)

IV. Properly dressed Dressing properly gives makes one gain confidence from the audience and respect. One should be neat, clean, have decent hair style and avoid casual and unethical look. (Roy, 2010)


Communication acts as a bridge because excellent communication connects to lives through allowing exchange of information. Good communication brings people together by creating a link between people. On the other hand, poor communication leads to separating of people as it creates conflict among people.

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