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A Technological Crisis: Cell Phone Addiction
Words • 1356
Pages • 6
The word “addiction” has many associations: drugs, alcohol, food, and sex, but being addicted to our cellphones is not something we think of in the same manner. Cell phone addiction rehabilitation centers are not available like they are for other forms of addiction, and there are no physical signs of health deterioration, creating the misconception that cell phone addiction is a myth.  Before conducting my research, I thought it inconceivable that people could be addicted to cellphones, but the evidence…...
Cell Phone AddictionPhone
The Impact of Overusing Cellphones on Children
Words • 1488
Pages • 6
People of all ages are addicted to mobile phones, everyone loves to see the whole world in a single screen. Perhaps, it is like a drug that goes into the veins of all humans. In this recent period of technology, an abundance of the generation is overusing the cellphones which lead to mental as well as physical illness especially, on eyesight. Moreover, it creates distance between the relations by spending precious time in playing games and using social media. Mobile…...
AdolescenceCell PhoneCell Phone AddictionMobile PhoneMobile Phones And ChildrenSocial Media
Cell Phone Addiction: Is It Really a Thing
Words • 692
Pages • 3
Although cell phones allow people to access unlimited information on the internet and connect with others, there are many consequences to using a phone constantly. Now, why are people addicted to such a small electronic device? Could it be social media, Games, Online content, or texting? The reasons are endless! Most modern-day teens are addicted because of social media and/or games, and it's not their fault! Cell phone addiction can kill many people due to distracted driving. The one thing…...
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Smartphone Addiction
Words • 1465
Pages • 6
Beginning in the late 2000s, Smartphones gained popularity all over the world. The number of users is rapidly increasing following the new versions of Smartphone and extension of various application software. Smartphone is a mobile device that enables internet access and communication. It allows us to do things that we never imagined before. We can access and get information on the web with the phone no matter where we are. In response, experts are coming up with new technology to…...
AddictionCancerCell Phone AddictionMobile PhonePhoneSmartphones
Mobile Phone Radiation
Words • 6052
Pages • 25
Introduction Mobile phones had dominated the entire world. Aside from computers, billions of people in every nation around the world also use mobile phones. But why do we enjoy ourselves with that device? What does it have that other things don’t have? Is it bad for us or does it bring advantage to us? For your information, cell phones or mobile phones are devices that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while running around a wide…...
CancerCell Phone AddictionMobile PhonePhoneSexting
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