Social Media Lead to Phone Addiction

Phones. A device so intertwined in our daily lives that we simply cannot leave home without it. It was not always like this. A phone was stationary and immovable, not a portable necessity. As such technology has advanced, so has the portability. This has bred a monster that has trapped the world into a handheld device promising freedom to the user. Is that the case? Do phones make us more free or do they enslave us? Or, is it the phone at all?

Social media has become one of the main motives to purchase such a device.

Many companies tailor their products to phones to make social media more accessible to the user. But is it the phone that is addictive, or the social media aspect that users access via phones that is the true issue? What is social media? Social media, according to Merriam-Webster, are “forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos)” (Merriam-Webster).

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Social media allows for people to look into each other’s lives without the effort of actual contact or being physically nearby. For example, someone could look at posts by some celebrity in Japan or see a picture from someone’s baseball game a mile away in their social media feed. While this sounds like a true technological feat in our abilities to communicate globally, it has allowed users to become addicted to such an ever changing social environment.

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The ability to make life appear more peaceful and exciting online is one of the main culprits of social media addiction.

Users can use filters and glossy lens flares to mask any doubt that their lives are dull and boring. This creates a double edged sword. It empowers the uploader with the feeling of being envied while bringing down those who feel that their lives fail to compare. The worst part is that anyone can make their life appear more alluring that it may actually be. By being selective of what is posted, the uploader conscientiously creates an image to illecite attention and possible jealousy from viewers.Smartphones enter the scene from the start. According to surveys by the Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans own smartphones (LaMotte). We use them for directions, to take pictures, listen to music, and of course to keep in touch with people.

While smartphones have many uses, it is the communication aspect that makes them such a societal requirement. According to Google Trends, searches for “phone addiction” have risen steadily in the past five years (Walton).  Yes, people may enjoy and benefit from other aspects of their phones, but most of those who are addicted to their phones are addicted to the ease of communication. Phones are the apparatus that most of these social sites and apps are created for. These devices are easily accessible, more portable than a PC, and are already owned by millions of people around the world.

A device with such commonality and multiple functions creates a breeding ground for companies trying to make a profit. With communication being one of the most notable functions of a phone, it is no wonder why companies have invested millions of dollars into creating new and unique social sites for users to flock to.

Social media and smartphones are connected but not intertwined. Many believe that social media addiction and phone addiction mean the same thing. This is inherently not true. While phones have become amazing tools that benefit humanity, they are not the origin of such drastic and life altering problems that may arise from social media addiction. As Suren Ramasubbu puts it, “While social networking undoubtedly plays a vital role in broadening social connections and learning technical skills, its risks cannot be overlooked.

The lack or difficulty in self-regulation and susceptibility to peer pressure makes adolescents vulnerable to such evils as Facebook depression, sexting, and cyberbullying, which are realistic threats” (Ramasubbu). Just as parked cars don’t cause car accidents, smartphones don’t cause “facebook depression” and “cyberbullying.” They become tools that people use to cause such dreadful acts. Phones are just tools that users use to access social media.Millions of people around the world have access to smartphones and use these devices in many ways.

Social media is one of the biggest uses smartphones have today. People are constantly uploading doctored versions of their lives online for the world to see. It may be a fun glamor run, but its impactful consequences don’t outweigh a few likes. Many believe that smartphone addiction and social media addiction are one in the same. In reality, social media is the real issue affecting today’s youth and nobody can put a filter on that.

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