Can Technology Dehumanize Our Society

Technology can dehumanize our society including our school/s. Its because in the advancement and modernization of things which to be manipulated by the people(gadgets etc. ), life has to be somehow be convenient and easier but we should also look on the side that technology can remove skills and qualities of people in dealing with things around them and they won’t find any alternatives or options if technology is always present.

For instance, in school/s, particularly in a classroom setting, if all of the students have their own personal computers, they will rely and be much independent through visiting websites that could provide answers on their research given by their teacher, the negative result of this is that, yes, they surely easily access information by just clicking one at a time but the traditional way of finding and acquiring information from books(more accurate information than those of the websites) or any reading materials that could somehow develop their reading skills is already gone.

Indolence and laziness may occur also.

The negative result of technology is that people will just have to sit all day long and will have to be dependent on technology. As i’ve heard also, some people are just infront of their laptops having this”online schooling” and if you could accomplish the length of time needed, you’ll be having/ given a diploma . For me, of course it isn’t bad but the essence of formal schooling(attending school. being evaluated and monitored by a mentor is already gone).

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Despite of all the advancement of technology, we became a society of indolent people relying so much on it.

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