Cain's Feeling of Betrayal and Bias in the Allusion of Cain and Abel

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Cain and Abel Allusion Cain and Abel were the sons of the first humans on Earth, Adam and Eve. Cain was the elder, and tended to the fruits of the earth, wheres Abel was the younger of the two, and tended to the sheep and animals. Cain grew angry because of the favoritism towards Abel shown by his parents and the Lord, and his anger grew to be so much that he eventually killed Abel. When the Lord found this out, He cursed Cain to a horrible life thereafter, where the fruit from the ground would not grow under his care, and he was banished from his homeland.

Cain feared that this punishment would grow to be too great, and all people he would encounter would try to kill him for his sin, but the Lord put a mark on Cain to show that no person shall kill him, or they would receive a rash punishment for their deed The conflict in this allusion is Cain vs.

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God. God always preferred Abel, and because of this, Cain felt betrayed by and distant from God. After he kills his brother, he is fearful for what he Lord will do to him; The Lord also clearly shows no mercy in his punishment unto Cain as he makes sure the man is to have a miserable life and is sure to never be killed so he will live through his guilt and tragedy for all of eternity I think that in a way, this story shows how one should not be biased towards another, or catastrophic events will ensue.

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God’s favorable attitude towards Abel led Cain to slay his brother out of jealousy. All humans would naturally be jealous of another who is favored over them- elves, so it is only natural to lash out in a way. However, the colossal occurrence of Cain actu- ally murdering his brother led to equally horrible consequences, but it all could have been avoided had Cain and Abel be equally respected.

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