Business Essay Topics

Comparison of the poems Half-caste and Not My Business

John Agard and Niyi Osundare have both written poems that protest about events or attitudes of people. Agard is From the Caribbean where the population is made up of people from lots of different races. Therefore he is used to being around people of mixed race and will know from first hand experience how horrible… View Article

Protecting staff through legislation

Understand how equal pay and minimum wage laws affect business Understand the laws against discrimination at work and during recruitment Understand employment rights of workers Understand health and safety laws A minority of small businesses will treat staff unfairly; to protect them is the legislation Act. Equal Pay Act – Created in 1970 the equal… View Article

Managing Diversity

1. Put forward a business case for taking a ‘managing diversity’ approach at Hinchliffe Cards. Britain now has one of the most diverse workforces in the world, consisting of a wide range of religions and ethnic backgrounds. However, diversity is not just acknowledged in terms of religious and ethnic origin. It can refer to political… View Article

How did the nature of work change during the 20th century?

The industrial revolution transformed the nature of work. It involved a breakthrough in the use of inanimate energy and power, massive investment in industries such as iron, coal, and textiles and a transport revolution. Industrialization changed the dimension of work. In pre-industrial society “those who are employed experience a distinction between their employers time and… View Article

Business Studies Easter Project

Introductinon As you probably already know Asda is one of the leading food superstores in Britain today. Asda is part of the Wal-Mart group however before this Asda was on its own. Asda has been part of the Wal-Mart retailers since 1999. Asda was formed in 1965 by a group of farmers from Yorkshire, today… View Article

The structure of the business

As you can see from the organisational chart above, Venetian Ices LTD is a respectful size. As from the diagram above it is obvious that there is a large span of control and a reasonable chain of command, this means that communication is very accurate as there is less levels for messages to pass through… View Article

Investigating how business works

Philip Markham Ltd is a family firm. It is traditional manufacturers of classic men swear and produces a wide range of exclusive shirts and ties. It also sells a more limited range of trousers, jackets, overcoats and sweaters. Only shirts and ties are manufactured in the factory in Marlington. Other items are obtained by placing… View Article

How well does BA protect its employees?

Employees from BA’s prospective are an investment and for BA to get a return on this investment they have to protect it. In this section I am going to evaluate how well BA protects its employees I will use evidence from BA sources to back up each of my points. How does BA protect its… View Article

Produce a document of customer guidelines

Produce a document of customer guidelines to help maintain a safe, secure and healthy sports environment, including methods of distribution and evaluation. Write an assessment and analysis of the effectiveness of the promotional material and make suggestions for suitable changes and amendments. Customer Guidelines 1. No food or drink in the gym If customers were… View Article

Investigation How Business Work

My name is Jasper and I have been asked to choose a company and investigate all about that company. The company I have chosen to investigate about is Safeway Supermarkets. In this task, I will be investigation the business objectives of Safeway’s and why they have those objectives. Safeway’s was first started in 1977 and… View Article

Developing Managers in Business

“Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves, their strengths, their values, and how they best perform” (Peter Drucker) The main aim of this report is to focus on a particular management development programme and by identifying how it works to determine whether it has been effective in developing the manager for… View Article

Applied Business – Strand B Theory

Functional Areas within the Business I am going to describe the work carried out by at least three functional areas of Asda, I will explain how these areas work together to support the business activity and I will evaluate how effectively these functional areas work together to achieve the aims and objectives of the business…. View Article

Review of literature on vision, personal and organisation

A vision answers the question “What do we want to become?” It calls for the skills, talents, and resources to make future happen. A vision is different from a mission, goal or objective as it must have a clear and compelling imaginary way that offers an innovative way to improve ourselves. Simply stated, a vision… View Article