Bill Clinton Essay Topics

The Bill Clinton

In 1973 instead of accepting the offer to work in the House of Representatives Committee, Clinton returned to his home state to start private practice and teach in the Law School at the University of Arkansas. A year later his first political campaign for the Senate was defeated by his rival, who got 51. 2%… View Article

Fmla Persuasive Speech

THESIS: American families will benefit from Family Security Insurance. STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE: If your like me, you’re getting a college degree to not only provide your self with an income, but also to take care your family members in their times of need. STATEMENT OF CREDIBILITY: I have found through researching work and family in… View Article

Gary Paulsen Biography

The 1990’s was a time known as the “Digital Decade”. A time when the Stock Market rocketed and the internet took off. Along with technology becoming popular, Gary Paulsen was writing one of his two hundred novels, The River. It showed how the U.S. Government wanted young Brian to go back in the wilderness and… View Article

State of the Union Address

State Of the Union Address 2013 While President Obama will primarily focus on discussing the economy and jobs for Americans, here are five hot topics you can expect President Obama to address in his annual State of the Union address. 1. Immigration: With immigration reform picking up major traction, Obama will likely encourage continued bipartisan… View Article

Strategic HR Approach

A HR Director has many job responsibilities throughout the work day. They ensure that payroll and accounting are done properly; they are in charge of the hiring and training of new employees. They must also keep up to date information and training for current employees who wish to continue to work for the company. Also… View Article

Presidential Greatness: Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was one of the US presidents who brought changes to the country. First his rule was able to turn USA economy historical largest fiscal deficit into surplus. His rule was involved in effective combating of ethnic killings in Kosovo and Bosnia. It was during Bill Clinton rule that America attained the highest level… View Article

Main Divisions Within the Democrat Party

There have always been different divisions within the Democrat Party and it has historically been factionalised into two main groups (as seen in the New Deal Coalition). There is the southern conservative wing, made up of Democrats from southern states who hold conservative views on issues including social and economic issues. These Democrats are seldom… View Article

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign

Hillary Clinton is our ideal presidential campaign up to date; Clinton is very familiar with politics and has always been in the background working for the people whose voices need to be heard. Three of the biggest issues Clinton has focused on during her campaign is same sex marriage, healthcare, taxes and wages. These three… View Article

Ronald Reagan vs. Bill Clinton

Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were both two termed presidents who were known to have had very favorable ratings during their presidencies. Although their policies and time periods in which they presided were different, both of them made significant contributions to the United States. The U.S. economy did very well under the Reagan and… View Article

Analysis of Hillary Clinton Speech

Hillary Clinton delivered this speech on 5th September 1995 at Beijing, China during the U.N 4th World Conference at a Women Plenary Session. The speech is remarkable at recognizing women rights as human rights (American Rhetoric 1). Clinton’s posture and body language gives an impression of bitterness against the various inequalities subjected to women. Incidentally,… View Article

American History

Introduction: American History has always been persuasive and this paper enlightens most influential events in the U. S history. Following paper explains the events from 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. Events that have been selected are the one that had an overriding influence on U. S. culture, economy, or governmental policy in that decade…. View Article

Congress Letter Example

Dear Representative Nunes: I am writing to request that you support S. 1950: Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits, and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014. I understand that the Bill was introduced on January 16, 2014 and was sent to the House on January 27, 2014 for consideration. I strongly feel that we need… View Article

Immersion Reflection

“Experience gives us the tests first and the lessons later.” With this activity that I joined for the first time, I fully understand why it was called an “immersion.” It was to throw or absorb ourselves into the situation of others. At first, I was really nervous meeting my foster family with my buddy who… View Article

Public v. Private Life

In Milan Kundera’s book, Testaments Betrayed, he contends that people act very differently when they are in public compared to their private lives. Milan appropriately emphasizes the need for separation between one’s public and private life, and asserts that the real criminals are the ones who attempt to break that boundary. Logically, people will say… View Article

US Supreme Court

The role of the Supreme Court is to interpret the constitution and to apply these interpretations to legislation that has been made by Congress as to avoid them from making unconstitutional law. In doing so this is called judicial review in which the Supreme Court takes an active role in intervening in politics. If a… View Article

Bill Clinton and leadership

For the purpose of this paper, I have chosen the political leader and the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton as the subject of my essay. This paper is based on two of his autobiographical books which were based on his early childhood as well as his life before, during and after his… View Article

Who Will Win the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

This year, neither one of the democratic candidates will be able to secure their nominations before the convention. Both democratic candidates, Hilary Clinton, the United States senator from New York and former first lady, and Barack Obama, past senator of Illinois are in a dead heat till the finish. Currently, contests are closely divided in… View Article

Role Of Government

It is important to understand that the Supreme Court has total discretion over whether they will hear a case or not. There are three critical principles the Supreme Court views to decide if a case is valid enough to be reviewed. First the person who is involved must have a standing or vested interest in… View Article

Want and Prostitution Answers

Different people tend to take on different occupations based on their wants and needs in life. Prostitution, to many people, might appear to be the worst of them all, but what people in general need to realize is that there are certain reasons why certain women either choose to be or are undesirably forced into… View Article

The impeachment of Presidents Clinton and Nixon

Clinton was impeached as President of the United States on December 19, 1998 by the House of Representatives. The charges were perjury and obstruction of justice. The Senate acquitted Clinton on both counts in a trail concluding on February 12, 1999. The charges arose from an investigation by independent counsel Kenneth Starr. Originally dealing with… View Article

The China Trade Act Of 2000

The China Trade Act of 2000 was introduced in Congress to allow free trade with China as with other favored nations. Trade with communist countries was currently allowed only on a year-to-year basis under the Trade Act of 1974, unlike the permanent basis offered other countries. Many members of the business community, and then President… View Article

Celebrities in politics

I will get straight to the point, I believe that when celebrities get involved in politics they draw attention away from the actual political issues and campaigns at hand. Having film stars in politics for endorsements will definitely draw a crowds and more importantly votes. Because people love and become inspired by the characters played by an… View Article

My Dream Dinner Party

If you could host a dinner party and invite any four people either living or dead, whom would you invite and what would the five of you discuss together? If I am to invite any four people for a dinner party, it would be my pleasure to have the following present: First of all, I… View Article

If we lived in a perfect world

The world that we live in today is far from perfect. We read in the papers every day about war, terrorism, famine, genocide, violence, pollution, hatred and sorrow. It is our natural human instinct to believe that things are going to get better but it seems that each day the world actually gets worse and… View Article

Analysis of George W. Bush’s 9/11 Speech to Congress

On September 11th, 2001, Islamic terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in New York City, and the Pentagon building in Washington D.C. The terrorists, affiliated with Al Qaeda, were led by Osama bin Laden. On September 20th, nine days after the attack on the country, President George W. Bush addressed Congress with an impromptu State… View Article

Niccolo Machiavelli and his influences on modern day leaders

Niccolo Machiavelli was a creator of political theories in the 1500’s. He served the Republic as a diplomatic negotiator and as a military supervisor. When Florence went back to a monarch system, the Medici family return to power and exiled Machiavelli for his past criticisms that he made towards the family. Machiavelli then wrote “The… View Article

Change Places

If I get an opportunity to replace myself with any one in the world then I would like to replace myself with Mr. Bush, the president of America. Mr. Bush is responsible for portraying negative image of America as an enemy of humanity by doing wars against Muslims only on the basis of religious discrimination…. View Article

Wadge Hierarchy and Determination

This essay is about determination. My purpose in writing is to inspire you to be a person of determination…. Determination is defined as a: the act of deciding definitely and firmly; the result of such an act of decision or the definition I like even better: b : the power or habit of deciding definitely… View Article

Vacation at My Home Town– Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, the city of Ahmed Shah (Medieval ruler of Gujarat), is known for its rich past and its association with the Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi. The city offers a unique style of architecture, which is a blend of Hindu and Islamic styles (Indo-Saracenic style of architecture). The monuments of Ahmedabad mainly date back to the… View Article

An Analysis via Erikson’s Theory

Hillary Clinton is a well-known political figure, with many contradictions in her personality. This difficult Democratic primary election process has revealed interesting features of her personality, from her strong, resolute character, reflected in her perseverance despite political challenges, to her vulnerability, which she has shown in several moments, like that well-publicized tearful scene in the… View Article