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Bill Clinton was one of the US presidents who brought changes to the country. First his rule was able to turn USA economy historical largest fiscal deficit into surplus. His rule was involved in effective combating of ethnic killings in Kosovo and Bosnia. It was during Bill Clinton rule that America attained the highest level of economic success since early 1960s. Bill Clinton changed the U. S. A sluggish economic growth to a more desirable growth. (Miller Center Public Affairs. 2010). 2.

He initiated policies that encouraged government spending to stimulate economic growth, tough laws on crimes, tax reforms to shift tax burden to the rich, jobs to welfare recipients.

He initiated tax reforms that shifted tax burden to the rich. He also initiated tough criminal laws to curb criminal activities which had risen at an alarming rate. (Miller Center Public Affairs. 2010). 3. Bill Clinton is one of the USA presidents who acted wisely in guiding the nation through tough times.

When he was taking the office, USA economy was experiencing the largest historical budget deficit.

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His rule was able to turn this deficit into surplus which was a big achievement to people of America. Through fiscal policies such as increase in government policies and creation of employment opportunities to recipients of unemployment benefits and taxing the rich, USA economy was back into the right track. (Miller Center Public Affairs. 2010). 4. Clinton is perceived as a man of the people. He severally stood firm in support of traditional liberal goals.

He ensured decrease in military expenditures to cater for domestic needs, legalization of abortion, conservation of environment, provision of equal education and employment opportunities to all Americans, gay rights and health insurance.

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(Miller Center Public Affairs. 2010). 5. To effect changes, Clinton had to stretch changes that will accommodate reforms. Changes such as shifting taxation burden to rich, control of arms, gay rights, and abortion legalization, in one way or another affected the constitution. (Miller Center Public Affairs. 2010). 6.

Clinton severally challenged the congress which was dominated by the Republicans. After rejection of health care reform initiative, he capitalized on republicans mistakes. He refused to sign a controversial budget which had been passed by the Republicans dominated congress. Clinton remained firm to act of the congress to generate a shut down of the federal government. Voters blamed Republicans for this and reelected Bill Clinton for a second term in 1996. (Miller Center Public Affairs. 2010; Michael 2010). 7. Clinton balanced his role as a president.

First, he provided economic leadership. His government fiscal policies brought USA economy back to the right track. He played a big role in political area. He was a leader of Democrat Party; he succeeded in peace negotiations between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, facilitated end of ethnic killings in Kosovo and Bosnia. He also fostered for social welfare of Americans. His reforms aimed at ensuring employment to unemployed, environmental conservation, provision of equal opportunities for education and employment for all Americans.

(Miller Center Public Affairs. 2010; Michael 2010). 8. One of his advisors was his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton who had long professional achievement both in Arkansas and beyond. Janet Reno who was a Florida prosecutor served as attorney general, Donna, E Shalala formerly a chancellor to University of Wisconsin at Madison was secretary of health and human services, Jesse Brown the leader to Disabled American Veterans served as secretary of veterans affairs, Henry G.

Cisneros who was the mayor to San Antonio served as secretary Madeleine K Albright who had previously served as an ambassador to United Nation served as secretary of state, Laura who was a California economist served as the chair of Council of Economic Advisers. Robert Lubin, and Lawrence Summers served in the national Economic Council, with other more advisors, it is apparent that Bill Clinton had talented administrators and advisors. (Miller Center Public Affairs. 2010; Michael 2010). 9 Bill Clinton was in the right place at the right time.

He took over the power at a time American needed substantial reforms to ensure economic turn around- from retarded growth to positive economic growth, and deficit to surplus. He was at the right place i. e. America where good leadership was required to ensure equal opportunities to all, foster environmental conservation, and ensure rights to all, and reduce tax burden on low income people. (Miller Center Public Affairs. 2010; Michael 2010). 10 In his rule Bill Clinton fell short of what an integrity person should possess. The illegal affair with Monica Lewinsky, who was a white house intern, spoke a lot.

It was also reported that he had obstructed justice, and abused power following this case which was against the oath he had taken. Other cases include the whitewater financial cover ups cover-up. He was also accused of sexual harassment against Paula Jones. Although he survived aftermath of this occurrences his character was questioned. (Miller Center Public Affairs. 2010) 11 Generally, Bill Clinton was not a president who demonstrated policy flexibility. Take the case of health reform, its failure was due to lack of consulting the public and all stakeholders in American economy.

He stood firm in support of traditional liberal goals such as increasing expenditures to cater for domestic needs, legalization of abortion, conservation of environment, provision of equal education and employment opportunities to all Americans, gay rights and health insurance. 12 I feel Bill Clinton was an intelligent president. Despite all cases he faced, at last he overcame the storm. Cases of Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, and impeachment trial were some of cases he overcame. He was also able to turn USA economy largest deficit into surplus. Despite ruling in time when congress was dominated by Republicans he was able to challenge them.

He refused to sign the controversial budget and to the public, the republicans were to blame. 13 The reelection of Bill Clinton in 1996 showed that American people respect him. His influence during campaigns for Current president election has a lot to say. Bill Clinton economic achievement towards 1990s economic boom in America also commands respect from Americans. 14 Bill Clinton is not only respected in America but also globally. His call for ending ethnic killing in Bosnia and Kosovo were welcomed and supported by western countries and their NATO wing which restored peace in this area.

However, Clinton inaction to Rwanda genocide and Haiti political instability lead to criticism of his leadership as far as foreign affairs are concerned. Work cited Miller Center Public Affairs. (2010). American President: Bill Clinton. University of Virginia Retrieved 31 May 2010, from, <http://millercenter. org/academic/americanpresident/clinton/essays/biography/5> Michael, J (2010). Timeline: President Bill Clinton Through The Years. ABC News. Retrieved 31 May 2010, from < http://abcnews. go. com/Politics/Bill_Clinton/timeline-president-bill-clinton-years-life-presidency-post/story? id=247332> >

Updated: Mar 15, 2022
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