Biblical Story of Saul

Story of Saul from how he witnesses the death of Stephen and how fierce he is upon Christian; he met the Lord as god asked him as why would Saul hurt Him. God put upon him with no sight and no water to drink. And God told Ananias to see Saul to put away his pain as Saul had a vision and epiphany.

As God say to Ananias that Saul choose for, he will spread to good news of the lord.

Saul was then baptizing, Saul than turn to be a disciple of the lord and changed his ways. The apostle of Saul of his dramatic conversion. In short, we should practice the word and work of God in our life and introduce it to other.

To practice the word of God and His work could seem so hard to do as there seem so much rules or things to do. To be good has so many obstacle.

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Life has so many obstacle. Yes life is hard. As hard as any of our lives, there will be a harder life. Other life may be harder than ours and we still complain and be discourage. Now we should start with a new spirit. With confidence and gratitude. Believe in what God is always with those who are patient, grateful and be blessed by the almighty.

In being Hopeful simply and graceful we may see and walk through life with a better attitude and see it differently. To be thankful to what we already have.

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To never get discouraged. Always try and keep trying and kept our head held high. Do not be tired of doing good and reminding each other and helping in kindness.

Gen 15: 1-16

Abraham Hope for an Heir. For the promise to Abraham or to his descendants that he would be heir of the world was not through the Law, but through the righteousness of faith. (14) For if those who are of the Law are heirs, faith is made void and the promise is nullified; (15) for the Law brings about wrath, but where there is no law, there also is no violation.

Sometimes it is hard to see how God's promises to even see it done. sometimes we even feel unable to a task. Perhaps the promise we have been given seems impossible in any human means. Sometimes we just want to give up

What seems impossible with man is always possible with God, who always keeps His promise.

Sometimes we tend to ask Him his promises, as we as blessed with His blessing, his grace, and more good in life we tend to find ourselves ion hardship and we tend to ask God why is it so hard, why is it happening to me? So often than not we tend to ask God to make it easier to complain to Him

However, I believe we should ask guidance from him, I believe in what previously the late Bruce Lee has said; do not ask for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure one. The hardship we encounter, the obstacle we may stumble upon could simply be something that could make us stronger, as there's a saying hard times make strong men.

So with that said, with all the hardship in life we may face in life there is no other way but to go up. To get stronger, to get better, to achieve greatness we first must obtain and face our failures and obstacle and passing through it we gain glory.

Speaker polo situmorang

"He who sees me"

We tend to act on our own with our own will when we are faced difficulties n when it fail we tend to blame god n ask why, even when we didn't even out God in our own plans. We tend to feel lost n that we're abandoned but god never would leave us

For God and from God is what I say I believe in. yes I do believe in a higher power or being, I believe every living and non living things are created and nothing exist out of nothing. So to praise Him is what would be mandatory to at least give our creator a nod of gratitude. Yes, machine, animals and humans do make mistakes, error can be avoided and it be prevented but error will evidently occur not just once not just twice but numerous times.

In the life we're there are people who would simply say well, that's life life is short & life is hard. Yes we do get what we deserve we cant expect glorious things and be blessed and expect miracle if we sit and do nothing. We have to get up, work and achieve what we want and even, what we need.

We tend to cry and pray, why is this happening to me? Why is it so hard? Can it get any better? Yet we don't find ourselves praying to what we have, to even be thankful for what we already have, for what we may get we tend to say well, I worked for it more often than not we do stumble on obstacle.

Humans will evidently fall into error and it is right to come back to God and introspect ourselves to be back on track to get fixed to even be ok.

God's promise with abraham

Genesis 17: 1-14

Abrahamic covenant. The covenant was to be accomplished in due time. The promised Seed was Christ, and Christians in him. And all who are of faith are blessed with faithful Abram, being partakers of the same covenant blessings. In token of this covenant his name was changed from Abram, "a high father," to Abraham, "the father of a multitude." All that the Christian world enjoys, it is indebted for to Abraham and his Seed.

God's promise in due time. Yes, God has promised us many things in life. All the blessing and the good in life we may be graced for but everything has its own time, everything is in God's timing. God always has His plan.

We tend to ask when? well I believe we should just give it our best, we di thing we must 'do, do the work to obtain what is rightfully ours. And in the end we will find ourselves being thankful what the hard work we have done for.

Our time is different with God time, our plan is different is different with God's plan. Trust in God, have faith in Him, have hope in Him, out your heart and hard work on God to be blessed and achieve what we want and need.

In due time God will come through. He will not fail to meet expectation; he will fulfil his promises.

This reminds me of what parents' role and what a father figure is. A father will go through a lot to give the best for their children and expect nothing in return, to have him smile on our accomplishment is more than enough for him.

To see us grow and become the person we are today is for him accomplishment but to see us on our knees is what breaks his heart. A father's sacrifice for his family, for his child and wife before him is to give the best for him to us and seeing us happy is what makes him happy.

Yohanes Ham

Romans 5: 1-5

We are driven by hope daily on our life

Humans live with hope, no survival without hope

We are driven to be more, get more by hope, in hopes to get it

Repeatedly in the bible its said on hope, hope on Christ

Hope in Christ would not fail us.

If we have faith in god we would live peace with Him

Rejoice in god's glory but we first must suffer to achieve joy & His glory.

Suffering leads to preference & preference leads to hope of what God may have plan for us & rejoice as the suffering will pass & we may live in God in joy. Rejoice that God has a plan & He is working & will not disappoint us but to brings us up & gives us joy & peace of life.

Hope is what we live on, without Hope we humans could only go so far. We first are given the give His blessing and hope to go further. We trend to find yourself in situation of in hope of this for this. However, without hope we can find yourself in that. We would be hopeless.

Hope is what we run with, being hopeful, leads to being faithful, being faithful leads to getting something out of it. When we put faith in other and or in God we may gain blessing or at least something in return. When we are faithful, we tend to be loyal and that is something special and look up on.

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Biblical Story of Saul
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