Being a Good Leader

A question simply arises in my mind that how someone can be a great leader. I thought on this and then I came across various leadership qualities which leaders are having in them. Let me explain first about the leadership qualities. Leader is a word which itself stands for its meaning. That’s why a Leader must be having Listening and Learning capacity, Education, Accountability, Decision making capabilities, Endowment & Empowerment and relationship building skills. A Leader can be influential by powerful influence and achieves effective results by guiding the people to the desired result.

I was also a leader in my college being a Head Sports Secretary, Head of Academic and Clinical committees of C.U. Shah Physiotherapy College in which I pursued my Bachelor in Physiotherapy. But when it comes to a Leader who has influenced my life; Mary Kom strikes into my mind. Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, known to all as Mary Kom, is an Indian Boxer born on March 1, 1983.

Mary Kom was not that much good in her academics and she made the thing true that all are not good at studies; some might be at sports. She is an Indian Olympic Boxer basically from Manipur. Dingko Singh, an Indian boxer waked passion in Mary Kom to carry forward the improvement of her boxing skills. She is the only women boxer who have won a title of world boxing championship five times. In the Asian Games 2014, Mary Kom was the first Indian woman boxer to have won a Gold Medal and in Commonwealth Games-2018, she was the first Indian woman Boxer to win Gold.

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She is having a strong body as well as strong heart which inspires me a lot.

Mary Komis given various nicknames by her fans like ‘Ironlady of India’ and ‘Magnificient Mary’. She is the only Indian woman boxer to have qualified for the 2012 summer Olympics. Mary Kom set a new standard in Amateur boxing by becoming the first amateur to win various awards like Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri, and Arjuna Award. The accomplishments of Mary Kom are very remarkable which can inspire each and every people. Sanjay Leela Bhansali, a film director made a movie on Mary Kom’s life. This movie gave inspiration to youths and adults to excel not only in study or sports but in every field, they are interested.

In today’s world, people are afraid of rejections from the society. This makes a back step for youngsters to pursue their dreams. Mary Kom’s life gives the message to be confident and determined about own goals to reach the peak of success. Mary Komis not only an inspirational model for women but she is an influential leader for all those who aspire to be a sportsperson in future. K Onler Kom, husband of Mary Kom has always been the pillar of strength for Mary Kom and he also gave his full support. Mary Kom realizes the women about their capabilities. She always tries to turn underprivileged youth into champions of tomorrow by giving them education and training. Mary Kom, a little woman from the jhum fields of Manipur has taken the sport of Indian Boxing from an existence of obscurity to the world podium. Last but not least, she worked very hard in life and finally brought success, name and honor for family and country both.

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