The findings of the research study will add to our understanding of urbanization, local governance and the effects of migration at the macro level in Barangay Upper Calarian. It will help policy makers (local federal government systems) identify areas where urbanization system can contribute positively to the advancement of the stated barangay. Moreover, program implementers and company will also find out from the lessons collected on urbanization and regional governance. At the regional level, existing programs can further be improved.

One of the interesting methods in which the computer service remains in the field of information retrieval and operations– the search for realities which, together with the operations done on it, are saved in a central storage area. Computer system– based details retrieval operates through making use of software application that can offer info services for an institution. An info service supplies a method to electronically access, recover, and transfer the needed information.

Declaration of the Issue

The Regional Government Units of Zamboanga have actually long been with computers to be utilized in operations such as deals, records and other businesses.

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That is, through computer system technology. But already, those computer systems had actually not been used to their fullest abilities. Barangay offices still rely on manual work not on the machines as their frontline of service and operations. Some things are ignored.

One, Requirement Operating Treatments are not followed. Anyone can have his clearance signed or business permit launched even if the licensed individual to authorize it, for instance the Barangay Captain, is not present.

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The workplace has actually at least signed blank clearances and/ or allows in this case. Thus, the reliability of such can be questioned. 2, it’s because all of the realities and details on the barangay is kept documents, the ought to– be symptom of the optimized use of computer system is not achieved and for that reason causes the sluggish retrieval of details and deals. And lastly, difficult copies of the files, transactions held and other matters require a big file cabinet to hold them which in a lot of case, is a case of an unorganized file management system.

Significance of the Study

A Computer Information Service represents a giant leap in computerized system of barangay transactions and records handling. They can provide up-to-the information with relatively little effort on the part of the user and put a huge amount of information within easy, convenient and comfortable reach. Not mentioning the security and integrity of the transactions and of the documents it also provides.

This study aims to present possible solution to the problems stated and to enhance the quality of service a barangay office offers to its clients. Furthermore, this serves as an awakening factor for all government offices, from highest to lowest levels, to be in line with the government’s view of globalization and competitiveness in today’s Information Age.

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