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Essay on Banking

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Capitec Strategy to success

Fixed-term savings gives one the ability to choose from two deposit options. The first is a “single deposit” which can run from a period of 6 to 60 months with a minimum balance of R10 000 and a maximum investment of R5 million (Capitec Bank, 2014). The second option is “multiple deposits” which can run from a period of 6 to 24 months with a maximum investment amount of R1 million. The int...

Disaster Recovery Planning in Banking Sector

With the expansion of financial industry, banks become more sophisticated technology users; the disaster recovery plan will play a more important role in the banking sector. The bank’s disaster recovery plan can help the bank to mining the lost due to an unexpected disaster and recover the bank back to use as soon as possible, but it acquired the bank to plan a disaster recovery plan system and ...

Sabarmati Ashram

The museum uses a simple but delicately detailed post and beam structure. Load bearing brick columns support concrete channels, which are both support the wooden roof and direct rainwater. Boards are nailed underneath the joists and tiles are placed atop the joints. The foundation is concrete and is raised about a foot from the ground. The monumental and archetypal structure of the museum recalls ...

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Merchant Banking

2. Entry of foreign investment: now India capital market directly taps foreign capital through euro issues.FDI is increased in capital market .so merchant bankers is required to advice them for their investment in India. The increasing number of joint ventures also requires expert services of merchant bankers. if more and more NRI’s participate in capital market ,there will be great demand for m...

Impact of mobile and internet banking

Central Bank of Kenya. (2008) Bank Supervision Report. Nairobi: Central Bank of Kenya Central Bank of Kenya. (2009) Bank Supervision Report. Nairobi: Central Bank of Kenya Central Bank of Kenya. (2010) Annual Report. Nairobi: Central Bank of Kenya Cooper, D and Emory, C. (1995) Business Research Methods. Chicago. Irwin Diamond, D. and P. Dybvig (1983) ‘’ Bank runs, deposit insurance and liquid...

Corporate Salary Package

State bank of India should comprehensively advertise about the product at strategic locations keeping in mind the image of the bank. With more and more people becoming computer literate Internet as a preferential method of placing request for a loan is becoming popular. ICICI has already provided a link at its website through which a customer can submit his request for a PL for online approval. It...

Customer Satisfaction with E Banking in Bangladesh

At present all types’ business organization performs primarily for customer satisfaction. E-banking is service oriented industry. The first choice of E-banking is to customer satisfaction. Customers are habituated with organization culture. Culture is built up in the practice of years. So customer attitude toward organization is born observing and experiencing an organization’s practice and pe...

First Security Islami Bank

Nationalized CommercialBanks (NCBs), Private Banks, Foreign Banks, Specialised Banks and Development Banks. However, 28 outof 50 banks in Bangladesh are private, of which only 7, namely Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, ICB Islamic Bank, Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited, Social Investment Bank Limited,Exim Bank,Shahjalal Bank and First security Bank Ltd have been operating as Islamic banks. Besides the...

Impact of Electronic Banking System

Banking? International Finance Vol. 3, No. pp. 211 – 27 Friedman B. (1999). The future of Monetary Policy: The Central Bank as an Army with Only a Signal Corps? International Financial, Vol. 2. No. 3 pp. 321 – 38. Goodhart Charles A.E (2000) can Central Bank Survive the IT Revolution? International Finance Vol. 3, No. 2 pp. 189 – 209 Hackathorn. R (2003) Factor for Implementing Active Data w...

Finance and banking

Banks and financial institutions enable their customers to pay others. Customers are given checks, both paper and electronic, and other payment tools, such as debit cards. A customer is able to write a check or make a payment to an outside vendor, such as a grocery store, electricity company or other outside individual, with one of their designated payment tools. The financial institution sends mo...

Traditiona banking vs modern banking

The management of the Bank is under the Managing Director who is supported by Eight (8) functional Directorates namely Finance, Banking Operations, Credit, Information Technology, Internal Audit, Legal Services, MD’s Office and Human Resources & Administration, each headed by a functional Director. The functional directors are assisted by managers. The branches are managed by Branch Managers...

Personal experience with banking concept of education

Still, I hope that as I begin to continue my education at the University of Miami and possibly even in graduate school, that I will continue to grow as a student. In the future, I plan to take many different courses and be exposed to new types of thinking that will help me to develop intellectually. If I follow this path one day I may possibly be able to perfect my learning style and develop an ef...

Cyber Сrime in Banking Sector

Credit card fraud can be committed using a credit card or any similar payment mechanism as a fraudulent source of funds in a transaction. The purpose may be to obtain goods without paying, or to obtain unauthorized funds from an account. Cyber space and cyber payment methods are being abused by money launderers for converting their dirty money into legal money. For carrying out their activities la...

Importance of EPF

If the applicant does not use the withdrawal payment for the purpose of the withdrawal is made, the applicant is considered as has committed an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine not exceeding RM2,000.00 or to both [Section 58A, EPF Act 1991 (Amendment) 2007]. Incorrect or False Declaration or Furnishing False Documents...

Report on NMB Bank Limited

NMB bank comprises highly motivated staffs who are customer centered. Under the guidance of the supervisor and the staff members the internee was able to experience various activities that are conducted in customer service departments and clearing department. The intern got vital support by the effective working environment and highly cooperative and supportive staff members in learning and experi...

Bank of America Case Study

The name of the company clearly states who the costumers should be. My recommendations would be to focus on the sponsorships within the America. NASCAR, NFL and Baseball are great opportunities to create relationships with their costumers. They might even try to become the Official bank of NFL one day. With that said I think the bank should try and sponsor less of the global sporting events such a...

Bear Stearns Company Investment Strategy

Bear Stearns and the Seeds of its Demise, UV1064 (October 22, 2008). Retrieved from https://cb.hbsp.harvard.edu/cbmp/content/26588959 Gorton, G., & Metrick, A. (2012). Getting up to Speed on the Financial Crisis: A One‐Weekend‐Reader’s Guide. Retrieved from https://moodle.oakland.edu/pluginfile.php/2286770/mod_resource/content/1/Yale-GortonMetrick12.pdf Cohan, W. (2009). Inside the Bear ...

Role of Technology in Banking Sector

This service is entirely web based, where sender can use his credit card / debit card for remitting the amount though their website. After remitting you are asked to provide the details of recipient. Electronic Clearing System (ECS) : It stands for Electronic Clearing Service ECS is an electronic mode of payment / receipt for transactions that are repetitive and periodic in nature. ECS is used by ...

Chapter 10 Banking and the Management of Financial Institutions

10) A possible sequence for the three stages of a financial crisis in the U.S. might be ________ leads to ________ leads to ________. A) asset price declines; banking crises; unanticipated decline in price level 11) The economy recovers quickly from most recessions, but the increase in adverse selection and moral hazard problems in the credit markets caused by ________ led to the severe economic c...

External environment for banking industry

Similarly, commercial banks' competitive strategies are shaped by both new technologies, and the limitations of technology. Retail banking had traditionally been built around the paper-based payments, but IT has created new strategic possibilities for it. Electronic delivery of banking services can reduce a bank's overhead costs to a great extent. However abandoning bank branches can also give ris...

Online Banking

There is no doubt that potential for Internet banking in India is immense considering the raising penetration level of the World Wide Web in Indian homes and offices. The Banks has very well adopted the strategy of providing Internet-Banking services. It has tried to familiarize the customer with the services like account information, fund transfer, bill payment, requests and intimation, communica...

Analysis of the Retail Banking Industry

The individual doesn't pose much of a threat to the banking industry, but one major factor affecting the power of buyers is relatively high switching costs. If a person has a mortgage, car loan, credit card, checking account and mutual funds with one particular bank, it can be extremely tough for that person to switch to another bank. In an attempt to lure in customers, banks try to lower the pric...

Separation of Commercial Banks and Investment Banks

Although the merger of banks has its own disadvantages, these disadvantages are not the root causes of the 1930 financial crisis and can be remedied by stricter government regulations. Therefore, it is suggested that while universal banks should be duly regulated, they are more capable to withstand financial turmoil than small banks, thereby making the merge of banks a better government policy tha...

Features of Retail Banking

Northern Rock emerges into the scene with financial support from the Bank of England and declares the need as a last resort. The next day, depositors are rushing out to withdraw their deposits and around £1 billion are withdrawn which is the biggest run on a British bank for over more than a century and people continue to withdraw until the government intervenes to guarantee their savings. Hence,...

Advantages Of Unit Banking

9.Limited Size of Operation:Unit bank business can not be operated on large scale because of its limited area. Being the small organisation, division of labour can not be applied. 10.No Economy of Reserves:Under unit banking, bank can not transfer its funds to any other branch. So economy in cash reserve can not be secured under this system. 11.Limited Financial Resources:A unit bank has limited f...

Social Media and Banking

As a consequence there is a high level of insecurity as to what can and cannot be done. Despite these issues, social media is now seen as forming a strategic part of a communications program rather than representing solely a tactical activity, with 84% of banks now having a specific social media strategy. Nearly one third has started to execute a strategy, and 15% have a fully developed strategy i...

Netsuite customer relationship management for the Banking Sector

Eliminate IT maintenance and upgrade costs - NetSuite is cloud-based, business management software with a 99.5% uptime guarantee. This gives greater reliability and security while eliminating the need for on-site hardware and software. Make better decisions faster - NetSuite business management software gives real-time business intelligence dashboards for any and every aspect of the organisation f...

Comparison of Islamic Banking and Conventional Banking

Islamic law considers a loan to be given or taken, free of charge, to meet any contingency. Thus in Islamic Banking, the creditor should not take advantage of the borrower. When money is lent out on the basis of interest, more often that it leads to some kind of injustice. The first Islamic principle underlying for such kind of transactions is "deal not unjustly, and ye shall not be dealt with unj...

Pros and Cons of Mobile Banking

Depending on how soon you detect fraud, institutions are sometimes able to freeze transferred funds or even reverse a transaction. This can be difficult if money has been transferred overseas, as American regulations on electronic banking don’t apply to foreign institutions. While individual policies vary from one financial institution to the next, some have introduced zero liability policies fo...

Different Types of Money Investment

Where A = accumulated amount at the end of conversion period, P is the principal amount, r is the normal interest rate per year, m number of conversion period per year, and t is the term or the number of years (“Exponents, Logarithms, and Applications to Compound Interest,” n.d.). Whatever the number of conversions per year, if the rate and the number of terms are increasing, then the accumula...

Banking Sector Reform

When the crisis exploded in September 2008, the RBI rapidly reversed its earlier tightening of credit to meet the new and changed circumstances. The CRR and the repo and reverse repo rates were rapidly lowered in a series of quick steps. Some initiatives were also taken to enhance access to bank credit by Non Banking Finance Companies. Signs of panic withdrawals from some private sector banks in t...

Consolidation in Banking

They address that in banking industry, “ firms with large market shares can reach the minimum economic scale of operations to develop a differentiated base of products which can be priced at a premium to obtain extraordinary profits(efficiency-structure hypothesis).” ( Santillán-Salgado ,2005, p85).Due to this reason, in order to earn more profits , banks want to increase market shares. Merge...

The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets

20. Much of the U.S. government debt is held as treasury bonds and bills by foreign investors. How do fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate affect the value of that debt held by foreigners? Foreign holders of this debt are concerned that the U.S. will let the dollar value decline so the relative value of its debt is less. As the dollar loses value, investors are less likely to hold assets in do...

Variety of Banking Cases

The additional duties could be classified into three categories and those duties have been the subject of recent case law (Tyree 2008). “The passbook has been replaced by the bank statement which is sent at intervals to the customer and the current practice seems to favour the customer even more since there is no way for knowing whether the customer has even received the statement (Tyree 2008). ...

Bank Industry

Banco de Oro, capitalised at ₱89.8 billion, closed 15.4% down to ₱33.[6][7][8] Banco de Oro Unibank said, however, on September 19 "it had a total exposure of $ 134 million to bankrupt U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers: This represents the face value of securities held in MAIC trust accounts by the bank. Prior to September 15, 2008, this exposure had been reduced through mark-to-market adju...

Banking: an Ethical Dilemma?

* The Free Dictionary (2010) Dilemma. [online] Available at http://www.thefreedictionary.com/dilemma [Accessed 17th March 2011] * Blurtit (2010) What is the importance of the banks. [online] Available at http://www.blurtit.com/q197532.html [Accessed 18th March 2011] * Schermerhon, J.R. (2005) Management 8th ed. New York. John Wiley and Sons Inc. * Boatright, J.R (2008) Ethics in Finance. 2nd ed. O...

Activities of Investment Banking

Apart from the main activities, there are some additional activities, in which the process of investment banking is involved. These are: • Global transaction banking: This part is the division of investment banking which offers custody services, cash management, security brokerage and lending services to various institutions. Hedge funds with Prime brokerage is especially a risky as well as prof...

Banking Concept of Education: Paulo Freire Dislikes

Big projects seemed to always be due at the same time, and final exams were always clumped together in a two-day span. Many members of the “honors family” sacrificed their well-being through a reduced social life and poor sleeping habits in order to complete the workload. In return, we mastered the skills of coping with stress and managing out time. These skills will benefit us in the long run...

Assessment of the Investment Procedures of Metrobank

Described here are the norms, infrastructure, standards, and procedures by which we can continually safeguard customer information and ensure its confidentiality, with your help, subject to the limitations prescribed in Section V (Limit on Liability) of the Terms and Conditions for Individual customers and Section XI (Limit on Liability) of the metrobankdirect Memorandum of Agreement for Corporate...

Managerial Economics and Its Application in Banking Sector a Case of NMB

When they win to get customers they tried to offer good services to them as being attracted to convince their families and other co-workers to join with their bank. They use also media to advertise their products as they have advertisement which shows the importance of mobile banking. When people saw that advertisement and compare with the really life they saw the importance of it and engaged in t...

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