Automated Rental System of Sam's Fashion Beauty

In this chapter, the researchers outline the preparations they had under taken as preliminary steps for conducting this study. Chapter One consists of seven parts: (1) Background and Conceptual Framework of the Study; (2) Statement of the Problem; (3) Overview of the Current System and Related System, (4) Objectives of the Study; (5) Significance of the Study; (6) Definition of Terms; and (7) Delimitation of the Study.

Part One, Background of the Study and Theoretical Framework, discusses the subject of the study and describes how the proposed system can process the development of the current system.

Part Two, Statement of the Problem, presents the general and specific problems of the study. Part Three, Overview of the Current System and Related System, describes and also discusses the operation of the current manual system being used by the business and it provides certain characteristics that are subjected to the study.

Part Four, Objectives of the study, presents the aims and effectiveness of the study to be solved and accomplished. Part Five, Significance of the Study, specifies the benefits that can be derived from the system designed by the researchers, the benefits it may provide to the system users.

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Part Six, Definition of Terms, presents the conceptual and operational meanings of the important terms used in the study.
Part Seven, Delimitation of the Study, specifies the areas to be included, the scope and the limitations of this research attempt. This also includes specific areas not included in this research.

Background of the Study

Computer has become a way of life since everything is easy by having just a click away from the problem.

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It only needs two characteristics to make it work, one who know how to use it and one who understands. Though manual system is still used, computer generated is still the simplest way and hassle free to work on especially in business transaction. In most rental stores, daily transactions are still done manually. Transaction processing system has become a competitive necessity and are always more profitable. A rental is a great option for the customers, who want a beautiful gown or formal dresses without the expensive price. Instead of paying a thousands of pesos, for a gown, barong any formal dresses attire that you will just wear once, why not consider renting a gown/barong and any formal dresses attire?

Choosing rental Products instead of buying one-time-wear gown/formal dresses is decisions that can help the customers trim their budget without trimming their special day. Customers will look beautiful in any gown or any formal dresses, no matter what they cost or where they are from. In the field of business, many establishments use computerized system to process simple transactions to complex one. That’s the reason this study is hereby proposed in order to simplify the processes and procedures of this business. The researcher used to study the usual problems that occur in this establishment.

Statement of the Problem

The main concern of the proposed system is to solve the problems of the present system of Boutique De Marquee. General Problem: Recording of all rental transactions are done manually. Specific Problem: (1) Slow process of recording rental transactions and reports; (2) Sometimes create data redundancy, (3) Conflict in Reservation, (4) Data not secured.

Overview of the Current System and Related Literature

Current System

The current operation of Boutique de Marquee involves the rental of different kinds of Gowns and offers any rental services that are being requested and ordered of the customers. The quality, Designs and Classification of different Packages they offer and any other available kind of Dresses are highly considered to determine the proper price to make an order. So the operation starts when the customers inquire for information. The customer order the Rental items through manual procedure by either asking the Manager for the rental, reservation, services, quality, designs and cost. Sometimes, there is a problem, when the conflict of reservation occurs and when the rental items returned delayed.

Objectives of the Study

The study aims to automate the current system to design and implement for Boutique de marquee. So, that through automation, the rental business will have a fast, reliable and efficient processing of rental transaction, reservation and reports. General Objectives: To Automate the Rental System of Sam’s Fashion Beauty and Glamour. Specific Objectives: (1) To provide fast Process of recording rental transactions and reports (2) To avoid data redundancy (3) To avoid Reservation Conflict (4) To secured data.

Significance of the Study

The result of the study would be of great importance to the following: The Owner and Manager. The computer-based system can give great contribution to the development of the business and will enable them to handle the Rental Business and helps the owner in making records of the customer’s information, rental barong and any formal attire. And to make sure that the records are secured. The proposed system will help to simply the process of Rental transaction. The Customer. This system can help the customer transact at Boutique de Marque faster and easier in selecting their design and choice of cloths/gowns.

The Researchers. This study will provide the researchers valuable skills and knowledge in analyzing and encoding the system. This can also help them fulfill their school degree requirements, thus helping them to grow professionally in their chosen career in the future.

The Future Researchers. Future researchers will be benefited because this book will serve as their guide on how to make a good and quality system. It will serve also as basis of their study that will help them understand what a system is.

Delimitation of the Study

This study is confined only to the automation of Boutique de Marque by providing the fast process of recording rental transactions and reports were important for their business for the future purposes.

This system will only focus to the rental transaction which reservation; rent-a-new and ready-to-wear only. Other transactions are not involved in this study.

Definition of Terms

Available. able to be used or obtained.
( In this study, Available refers to the stocks wherein able to be rent of the customer.
Arrival. act of arriving.
In this study, Arrival refers to the arriving of Rental stocks from the customer in the period of time. Customer. a person with whom one has to deal
(Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary)
In this study, Customer refers to the person who wants to rent gowns/ barong / formal dresses. Delivery. the action of delivering letters, packages, or ordered goods (Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary)

In this study, Delivery refers to rental item or items delivered on a particular occasion or place. Description. act of describing or representation in words of the qualities of a person or a thing. ( In this study, Description refers to the describing the quality of Rental stocks. (Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary)

Gowns. outer dress of woman.
( In this study, Gowns refers to the rental stocks/ dresses that boutique offer. Receipt. a written acknowledgement of money receive or act receiving (Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary)

In this study, Receipts refers to a piece of paper/ receipt that the customer receive from the manager after the rental transaction done. Rental. an amount paid or received as rent.
(Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary)
In this study, rental refers to the stocks that the customer wants to rent. Reservation. the action of reserving something or a qualification to an expression of agreement or approval. ( In this study, Reservation refers to the rental items or stocks wherein the customers going to assure Type. Model or Person/thing represent of group or certain quality. ( In this study, Type refers to quality of the rental stocks.

Chapter 2

Design of the Study

The researchers present in this chapter the methods and techniques on how they will undertake this study. This Chapter is divided into Eight Parts: (1) Purpose of the Study, (2) Methods, (3) Procedures, (4) Software Design, (5) Data/Database design, (6) Architectural Design, (7) Procedural Design, and Statistical Treatment of Data. Part One, Purpose of the Study, proves the need for a careful study before implementing an information system and also to explain the type of research method employed by the researchers.

Part Two, Methods, elaborates the System of problem solving researchers will apply to achieve the objectives and solve the problems of the study. Part Three, Procedure, proposed system is designed using the system Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Part Four, Software Design, sketches the designs of the proposed computer application that will use by the proposed system. Part Five, Database Design which outlines the data storage structure for the records for the new system. Part Six, Architectural Design which represents the functions of the software in hierarchal form. Part Seven, Procedural Design, relates the flow of the commands and interaction within the program. Part Eight, Statistical Treatment Data, sums up the possible effects of the new system in terms of efficiency.

Purpose of the Study

This study aims to improve the business processes of Boutique De Marque, to automate and provide strategies and techniques on how to simplify the processes of the business. In order to hasten the flow of daily rental transactions, secured data and information of that said boutique.


Sources of Information

To conduct the study, we, the researchers, gathered all needed information through interviews, observation and list of some needed documents like receipts, price list and Rental lists and important files to be examined. These things helped in determining the various problems that exist in the current system. And gave hints to us for a solution.


The proposed system was developed with the use of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) concept in planning and managing the system development process. The SDLC describes activities and functions that the researchers perform regardless of which approach to use to develop Automated Rental System of Boutique De Marque.

The researchers used the four steps of System Development Life Cycle Model: (1) System Planning Phase; (2) System Analysis Phase; (3) System Design Phase and (4) System Implementation and Evaluation Phase.

In the first phase, the researchers conducted preliminary interviews to analyze and formulate ways to solve the problems by the current system.
In the second phase, the researchers investigated the business processes and document what the proposed system can do. They conducted investigations and interviews to understand the flow of the current system and indentify the problem.

In the third phase, the researchers created the user friendly interface, prepared systems requirements such as order slips and identify all necessary outputs, inputs and processes.
Finally, in the implementation phase, the researchers designed the program that fits to the system. The program will be written, tested and documented.

Software Design

The researchers made use of Microsoft Access to develop the program for the Automated Rental System of Boutique De Marque. It is one of the applications that will adapt in creating database for business and personal and use. It also uses Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 as its programming language. It is a user-friendly programming language that enables the developers to easily create the system.

Data/Database Design

In designing the proposed software for the Automated Rental System of Boutique De Marque, the schematic should first be defined. The Researchers used relational database management system where data stored in a spreadsheet-like diagram called table that contains rows and tables

Chapter 3

Presentation of the Proposed System and Evaluation Results

This chapter contains the following parts; (1) Proposed System, (2) Technical Specifications, (3) Implementation, (4) System Inputs and Outputs, (5) Evaluation Results-Juror’s Evaluation and suggestions for improvement.

Part One, Proposed System, shows the new processes and proposed changes of operation flow of Automated Rental System of Boutique de Marque.
Part Two, Technical Specification, specifies the needed technicalities to implement the proposed system. It includes software, hardware and people requirements.
Part Three, Evaluations Results, states the jurors, evaluation and suggestions for improvement of the proposed system.

Proposed System

Using the proposed System the Boutique de Marque will not going to list all the transactions manually and scan their Notes in order to verify the customer’s information and transaction to them because the new Automated Rental Transaction of Boutique de Marque will provide them their needed File transactions immediately.

The following data flow diagram illustrates the new Boutique de Marque Rental Transaction procedures to be followed for the proposed system.

Software Specification

In this proposed system the program was developed through the use of Microsoft Windows 7 Starter; Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Application Software type with a size 0f 1.09 KB (1.120 bytes); and Microsoft access application software type with a size of 2.58 KB (2.643 bytes).

Hardware Specification

In this proposed system a single Net book will be used for computerized processes of transaction of the business. Intel® Atom™ Processor , 2.00 GB Memory, Mouse, 1 and 4 GB Flash drive and Printer.

User Specification

User of this proposed system will be trained by an expert information Technologist, for him/her to be more effective in using the computer-based processes.

System Implementation

The implementation of proposed system will be cover from developing, testing and installing the program for new system.
We the researchers recommend the proper use and choice of hardware, software and other suggested important instruction and that they should be followed accordingly as illustrated in this documentation as these are carefully studied and designs.

Chapter 4

Summary, Conclusion, Implications and Recommendations

Chapter 4 consist of five parts: (1) summary of Proposed System and Research Design, (2) Summary of Findings, (4) Conclusions, (4) Implications, and (5) Recommendation.
Part One, Summary of the Proposed and Research Design, drafts the proposals of the researchers and shows how the whole research was designed.
Part Two, Summary of Findings, reflects the vital points of the study and present the findings after the analyzing the data gathered.
Part Three, Conclusions, presents the conclusions drawn from the results of the study.
Part Four, Implications, describes the positive effects of the new system or the Rental System.
Part Five, Recommendations, offers certain recommendations in view of the conditions given.

Summary of Proposed System and Research Design

The Automated Rental System of Boutique de Marque was created and designed to enhance the services and the operations of Boutique de Marque Rental Business. The current system is undergoing analyzed and given a technological twist while revising its procedure in order to be more efficient through the proposed system.

To achieve this system, we the researchers applied the method of system analysis and design. First, we the researchers analyzed the current system, problems and points improvement.
Then, we the researchers designed and introduced a form of solution, which of course involved computerization.

Summary of Findings

The study aimed to design and find out the effects of Automated Rental System of Boutique de Marque in the existing system of that said boutique.
Findings revealed from the analysis of gathered data that through Automated Rental System of Boutique de Marquee provided the Manager/Owner to have an efficient servicing to customers and hasten their rental transactions and reports.


After a thorough study about the data gathered, we the proponents conclude the Automated Rental System of Boutique de Marque is in need in this boutique so that it will be more efficient to the manager/owner to hasten the process of their recording rental transactions and reports and to avoid any conflict and to secure data.


With the new Automated Rental System of Boutique de Marque we, the researchers hope that this new system would bring about the technological advancement to the boutique. Since the proposed system of Boutique de Marquee solved, the problem of current system, this will make transactions and operations certainly are more accurate and reliable if it is implemented properly.


We the proponents highly recommend that the Automated Rental System of Boutique de Marquee be implemented so that it has more quality to the customers, manager/owner will be made accurate, secured and simple.

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