Library Borrowing/Returning System

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Introduction The primary purpose of this study about Library System is to show how the system helps the librarians, the students and faculties. The study focuses on borrowing and returning process of the books. The role of the integrated library system is, and always has been, to help manage the effective delivery of library services. This has traditionally been anchored on the management of the catalogue and physical collection. Background of the Study.

Library Borrowing/Returning System is a process of organizing important information, used to track items borrowed, and the scheduled time for returning.

This system help users or people who responsible in recording the data appropriately, it also saves time and more convenient to use than the traditional manual recording. Lack of library system in a school can lead to chaos and troubles, and because of it the librarian is having a problem to serve each students and faculties who wish to use the library. It is extremely useful in the school to use that automated system.

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Objectives of the Study General Objective: the general objective of this study is to design and develop a library system that will serve as a proposal to help librarians save time with the automation of its daily operation. Specific Objectives: * To computerize records keeping of books; * To allow librarians to retrieve complete information of the book and its borrowers Hypothesis of the Study The proposed library system will greatly improve the efficiency of the school library. This study has the following hypothesis:

The profiles of the respondents taken are their names, student number, year and section, and title and author of the book borrowed.

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The manual system is very time consuming, inconvenient when it comes to recording, organizing and retrieving borrower’s record in the log book. The proposed system is the best solution to go away with the old method of data keeping such as log books, folders and file cabinets, which do not allow easy retrieval. Not only the records are more accurate, the library can also accommodate more borrowers than before.

Statement of the Problem Specifically, this study aims to answer the following: 1. What are the profiles of the respondents in terms off; 2. 1. Names 2. 2. Year and section 2. 3. Title and author of the book borrowed 2. What are the common problems encountered with the existing manual system of managing library? 3. What are the difference between the manual system and the proposed system? Assumptions The proposed system deals with the management of data taken from the library management such as the log book of the library.

Reports that generated by the proposed system are limited to predefined reports to be provided by the user such as their manual way of managing the library, while no ad-hoc reports will be provided. On security, the proposed system allows access to unauthorized users. It can only be operated if the user provides user name and password which is already validated by the database administrator of the system to be assigned by authorized personnel. Students, however, may borrow books without opening restricted files. Significance of the Study.

Socio-economic Significance In this study, the proposed system will inspire other students to develop an effective and efficient system. Technological Significance The proposed system will introduce technology to the school libraries that are until now adapting manual method. The result of this study is beneficial to the following: * Library. The proposed system will simplify and automate everyday task can help maximize time spent with the borrowers thereby providing better service making it more profitable. * Librarian.

The proposed system will make it easier for the librarian to manage the library and convenient when it comes to retrieving book record. * Students. The proposed system will make it easier for the students to borrow books and to lessen their time in borrowing. * Researcher. The researcher will develop their writing, analysis, and interpretation skills needed to make a good thesis. * Future researcher. This will benefit other researchers who wish to have similar studies as they can get background information from the result of this study which will serve as template to modify their research.

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