As a child I went through frequent transitions starting at the age

As a child, I went through frequent transitions starting at the age of five. I had studied at 10 different schools because my father was a government official; he had to move from one place to another within the diverse country of India. Growing up in a multicultural environment, I learned the art of connecting and adapting. I was quite fascinated by different cultures. As I grew older, my interest in learning technology, taking ownership, along with my love of multiculturism, paved the way for my overseas assignments in Germany.

Through the years, my extensive experience of working with clients across the continents -- UK, Germany, Australia, and Singapore-- has helped me to develop a heightened sensitivity to the subtle differences between diverse workforces. I grew to understand global businesses perspectives and the needs of diverse groups of clients. In this era of collaboration, of people, of teams, and of diverse talents, this experience is invaluable to any community. My experience of working in and with diverse cultures will help me engage and prepare peers for employability in a competitive global economy.

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By pursuing my own ventures and supporting those of others, I will lend my creative spark to a new world of innovation. The possibility of using my skills to advance the entrepreneurial plans of my fellow students excites me. In the past, I directed a mentoring program in my college to assist peers and hope to continue similar work at WP Carey.

The most important aspect of leadership is setting an excellent example to create a better future.

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Over the past several years in my local neighborhood in India, for far too many girls, the lifelong benefits of higher education remain an elusive dream. With each success, I confirmed my personal responsibility to help girls break the barriers and achieve higher education in the fields of science and business. I have worked with National Social Service in India and provided brief counseling to girls in public schools, advocated for family support and financial aid. In addition to working in social services, as part of past employment at Accenture, I coordinated mentoring programs and conferences at engineering colleges for career path guidance. I believe that a scholarship will further contribute towards this noble cause. It will demonstrate that prestigious institutes like WP Carey encourage women to go into careers that are not traditionally held by women and that women can achieve advancements in these fields without thinking twice about the financial debts. Personally, this scholarship will play an important role in making graduate school more accessible and affordable. It can help me further my professional training and certification goals that I have set for myself. The relief that a scholarship would provide would allow me more time and energy to focus on my studies and towards community service and volunteer opportunities. I have demonstrated leadership abilities and entrepreneurial spirit prior to attending college, and I am extremely motivated to complete my master's while helping others.

I have confidence that my strong ethical values, determination, and service to the community, combined with my attributes of leadership, diverse experience, and entrepreneur skills will reinforce the values of the WP Carey community. I am certain that I will be a vibrant contributor to the class and a distinguished alumnus.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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