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I went to the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, located on 3275 Industrial road (major cross-street Desert Inn) which opened in August of 2008. At the museum it holds, erotic art, exhibits, different timelines and a lot of illustrated history of erotica. There were many tasteful pieces of artwork, whether it be painting, magazine covers, posters, figures, and sculptures. I was also very excited to have actually seen the piece called “Venus of Willendorf” that is featured in our book on page 164.

I took my time looking at all the different pictures to see which I would choose from to write about. Then I observed one, it was untitled, made in 2008 and the artists name is Fang. I did research on the artist and did not find much on her other than the fact that she is called “The ugly artist”. Fangs paintings have a BDSM feel for them and use acrylic on canvas. The particular picture I seen was of two beautiful women, one was dominant and the other a submissive.

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Both women had contour lines to show their figures off.

Most of the colors were very vivid and had high intensity in it. The dominant woman wore a under bust patent leather type of corset with attached panties, and matching knee high stiletto boots. The submissive was totally undressed except for a shiny red o ring posture collar. The dominant woman had spider web tattoos on each shoulder that a spider connected to underneath her neckline. Both women had beautiful long flowing lines of black hair, with blue highlights.

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Bright red lipstick on both women and dark smoky eye makeup.

The dominant woman’s facial expression was of confidence and superiority, while the submissive woman looked upwards as if to gain a sense of approval. The second picture that caught my eye was in the elevator going to the second floor. It is called “Love is an elevator”. It was a photograph on canvas and was done by a man named Richard Rasner. This picture was like a grid pattern due to the elevator setup and was very low intensity on the colors. It was mostly different shades of browns and light brown with hints of red.

The picture was taken of the inside of an elevator with a female standing in front of a mirror that was inside the elevator with the door open as she looked back at the opening. She was gorgeous and seductively staring as if she was trying to lure someone into the elevator with her. She wore black lingerie and thigh high stockings. The painting was donated a year after the opening of the museum and didn’t have much more information. I did find out the same title “Love is an elevator” is a song by the rock band called Aerosmith.

Another lovely painting I was drawn to on the second floor of this huge museum was by Fried Pa’l. He is known for painting beautiful nude women with oil on canvas. The colors of this piece are neutral, and low intensity browns throughout most of the painting. It shows this beautiful, confident, yet flirty woman lying on a neutral colored background of saturated colors. Her figure has contour lines to define her body shape. She has pale colored skin, light pink nipples, light golden brown hair which she has one of her hands in. Her makeup colors are turquoise eye shadow, and coral colored lipstick.

Her expression says to me “I know I am beautiful, and you desire to be with me”. Even though you said to only do three I saw another picture definitely worth writing about. It was simply painted pink and white with acrylic on canvas, no title and not signed. However it was donated to the museum by Ron McCallister when he passed away. Ron McCallister was Walt Disney’s best friend. If you look at the pictures Walt Disney has done, he always puts light bubbles everywhere in his art and you can tell his brush strokes. He wasn’t the best artist and this picture definitely could be his work.

It was a picture of a pink male penis on the left of the painting and on the right was of an open mouth with the tongue on the tip of the penis. This is said to be the only erotic art Walt Disney has ever produced because he knew his best friend was into erotic art. Overall my experience at the Erotic Heritage museum was very pleasant, nothing too distasteful. I found this place to be comical, and a great place to get knowledge about sexual behavior. There were many different pictures and news clippings, and information on the erotica.

There were lots of statues and old art showing different cultures views on sex. There were different views of women’s vaginas on the walls and also homosexuality views as well. I also saw the first “vibrator” as we call it today but back then it was the fifth electronic appliance. I enjoyed all of the art that I reviewed about for all the uniqueness of it overall. Throughout the whole two floors of the museum I was not disgusted by any of it mostly because I have a very open mind and think “outside the box”. It all was displayed very well throughout the museum and all of the staff was very helpful.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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