My Mega Mall Visit

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My Mega Mall Visit was very breathtaking, why, because that mall was very enormous and this is my first time to visit SM Mega Mall. I really thought that it was just the same mall that I visit but I really not expected that was really awesome and much bigger than the others. In many museum that I see and visit there’s one museum caught my eye which is gallery y. It is located at the 4th floor Building A and one of the paintings in that museums get my attention and this is “MUSIKERONG MUSMOS” which is made of Mr.

Caloy Gabuco. It is 24 by 3o inches. It cost about P220,000.

The painting was use in watercolor, whether working with oils or watercolors, Gabuco’s works finished August 10,2012 which really exquisite. He has become known for his “mother & child” theme, which really realistic like “musikerong musmos” although he has many renditions, all delightful to behold! This one is a delicately done watercolor piece which I really love and amaze.

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Mr. Caloy Gabuco vision is youth and beauty personified in an ethereal atmosphere, that’s why “musikerong musmos theme was made” because even the simplest of human figures acquires wonder under Caloy’s magic touch.

For me he is really an artist. But above that, he is gifted with the ability to see things vicariously. With his palette and eyes for social details otherwise missed by the common man, he brings to life ponder able images of realities accepted by Filipinos yet questioned by some inner conscience.

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I really enjoyed the first time I visit a painting gallery which I didn’t done before in my life although I can’t appreciate things made in paint, but gallery y change my perception also Ms. Maricel a really good curator who really help me to visualize and explain all the palette they have.

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My Mega Mall Visit

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