Volcanic Eruption: a Life-Taker or a Life-Saver Essay

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Volcanic Eruption: a Life-Taker or a Life-Saver

As the world’s population grows, more and more people are living in potentially dangerous volcanic areas. Volcanic eruptions continue to happen and they can cause great threats to life and property. Predicting a volcano’s eruption accurately will lead to more saved lives and ensure our safety. When a volcano erupts it produces many threats. Some of these threats are lava flows, falling ash, and they may even cause other threats like mud and debris flows, or they can cause the climate to change which may lead to tsunamis or earthquakes.

A volcano can cause many horrible things like earthquakes. They can cause mud slides. Mud slides are very powerful. They can destroy cities. Here in the Philippines, when Mount Pinatubo erupted the whole place was covered in mud flow and ashes fall. During the eruption some people evacuated. A volcano can cause many avalanches. While magma is still in the earth’s crust it causes cracks on the earth’s surface showing the magma. Mud slides are so powerful they can push rocks over or even the strong wall to collapse.

Avalanches are sometimes made from when a volcano erupts. Volcanoes can be very dangerous in many ways. Some things volcanoes do are good. If the volcano is an underwater volcano, they erupt and form islands. The time when Mount Pinatubo erupted during 90’s, I was not able to comprehend why do ashes fall, and do not realize the effects of it to our environment. I don’t even know that volcanic eruptions can also do well to the people. Now I realize that these natural phenomena, no matter how horrible these can be, can also be a marvelous wonder to our mother nature.

Nevertheless, if you weigh the advantages and disadvantages, still, it is a life-taker. Just like what had happened many times here in the country. Nobody could escape the reoccurrence of this unpredictable phenomenon. What we could do is to take care of ourselves by listening to the authority. If we are living near volcanoes, we should be very aware by the change in climate and report to them any untoward incidents that may occur in our place.

Moreover, if they advise us to evacuate, think of our safety first before our property because it is not the reason why we are living. We should figure out our mission here on earth and that is to take care of the life our God bestowed upon us. Even He didn’t want us to suffer and experience such dreadful death. Be aware, be responsible and always pray are the greatest weapons we should possessed so as to surpass the tragedy volcanic eruptions can bring to our lives.

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