Are computer teachers better than human teachers Essay

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Are computer teachers better than human teachers

Although computer teachers have some advantages, I prefer humanteachers. Human teachers make learning fun, and they can be caring and understanding.

Computer teachers do have some advantages. The computer teachers can teach more than the humanteachers can in about the books. They have better memory than the human teacher has because they are computers, computer can memorize anything. Moreover, computer teachers will be fairly to all of the students. In addition, students learn from the computers, they can learn more independently because t he computer cannot care when they do not pay attention in the class.

However, humanteachers sometimes have a sense of humour and are more fun than computers. The human teacher can teach the students in the best way, they know what the students want. Moreover, they can make the students know what life is; the humanteachers can talk their life experience to the students, this is very important to the future of the students. The students can learn some things that out of the books from the humanteachers. Moreover, they will care the students, they will care what do the students will do after school or do they feel happy or not. The humanteachers also can make friends with the students.

Computers have not feeling and therefore they do not understand the feeling of students, but teachers care for students and encourage them. Human teachers can do many things to the students but the computer teachers cannot. For example, the ways that they teach, the computer teachers just have one way to teach, but humanteachers have many ways. The computer teachers do not have life experience, they cannot talk about life, but the humanteachers have. The computer will not care about the students and they cannot make friends with the students, but the humanteachers can.

Why do the humanteachers can do more things to the students than the computer teachers can? Because they are human, they are not machines. Human know what human want, the human teacher may have the same past to the students. They will understand the students feeling, they can help the student solve their problems. Therefore, the humanteachers are better than the computer teachers are.

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