Apple Advertising Campaign for the iPod

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Steve Jobs, Apple product, known as the iPod, initiated its ad campaign in 2003 which appeared globally on television, billboards, city buses, and buildings. Although Apple created numerous innovative advertisements, the “dancing silhouettes” is known to be the most enduring visual coming out of Apple Inc. The black figure silhouetted against colorful backgrounds, white iPods and white headphones are portrayed as dancing individuals. The use of the black outlines allowed Apple to use the power of imagery to convey a universal symbolism of its target market.

The faceless humanlike outline helps cultivate considering that the figures are anonymous. The imagery acknowledges different demographic identification to convey that the ads could be anyone.

In American society, one of the most used advertising techniques is celebrity branding or endorsements, this approach uses individuals that exemplify culturally influenced lifestyles or the famously known phrase “The American Dream”. Apple ad does not take conform with this approach. The ad does factor in individualistic values such as imagination, nonconformity, freedom, and stylishness.

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Apple counters the American sociolinguistics based on the ethos of empowering people through technology. Apple utilized worldwide expression of liveliness through dancing, shaping the psyches of millions of potential consumers linking cultures and technology to an identity created by the brand-to-customer association. Apple was able to use a sociolinguistics to connect different subcultures and societies; The embodiment of music and dancing enables people of various languacultures to relate to each other on a more familiar basis.

This is seen through the common theme of white headphone, iPod in hand, and similar movements through each silhouette that illustrate enjoyment and pleasure.

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The silhouette campaign managed to appeal to multiple ethnicities and social classes without exclusively targeting any specific market at the expense of another. This advertisement was successful at utilizing sociolinguistics in the United States, as well as those of other nations. The music itself individual listens to has its own symbolic meaning, but Apple iPod campaign channeled a way to express diversity in a unified manner. The black silhouette cultivate, the different shapes and movement of them represents individualism, and the iPod itself united other society by correlating a connection within differences.

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