Analysis "Paradise Lost" by John Milton

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In John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost, the issue of who is to blame fall of man is one that for the most part can be interpreted from a reading of book IX. Based on the text, Eve played a larger role in the to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and Adam's more passive in that he simply followed the wishes of Eve.

When sorted out later in the story, it becomes clear that Adam and Eve were After an extended visit from the angel Raphael at which time he explained in great detail to Adam the dangers of falling into temptation disobeying God's will, Adam is faced with a problem.

The problem is that wants to split up for the day and Adam knows that this is a bad idea, particularly after the dream that she has described to him. They argue length, but in the end Adam allows Eve to do as she wishes even though she is making a very bad decision.

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Adam also knows that his ability to is inherently stronger than Eve's, yet in his love for her is so strong consents to her will. This yielding is very similar to Eve's yielding to serpent's deception because Adam is aware of the probable outcome of decision. In his final plea for her to remain pious he says to Eve: O woman, best are all things as well Of God ordained them; his creating hand Of all he had created, much less man, Or aught that might his happy state secure, Secure with outward force.

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Analysis "Paradise Lost" by John Milton
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