Analysis of George W. Bush's State of the Union's Speech

The State of the Union is a speech delivered by the president directed towards Congress and the citizens of the United States. In this speech, the president addresses the problems that our nation faces today; both domestic and foreign.

President George W. Bush opened his speech with the issue of Americas economy. He proposed an income tax reduction that would save a family with $40,000 income approximately $1,000. This tax cut would help small businesses throughout the country. He also wants Congress to pass a law that would stop the unfair double taxation of dividends.

This would help investors out and in turn strengthen the economy.

Another issue stated was to have a reliable health care system. Many citizens are not fortunate enough to have money to pay for health insurance. He wants the government to give financial support to those in need of health care. Also, President Bush wants to pass a reform that helps protect doctors from frivolous lawsuits. These lawsuits are driving doctors to charge more for their service.

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The third goal that the president wanted to accomplish was improving the environment. He set a comprehensive energy plan to promote energy efficiency and conservation. He passed the Clear Skies legislation that mandates a 70-percent cut in air pollution from power plants over the next 15 years. Also, he proposed a $1.2 billion in research funding for hydrogen powered cars. Being more efficient and cautious of the environment will preserve our country.

He also addressed many social problems that Americans face today. Many children are left with nobody to look up to due to parents being in prison.

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He urged people to be mentors at schools for children who are not so fortunate. Also, he wants to pass a faith-based initiate and Community Service Act to fund groups that help out the needy. He set up a program that gives $600 million dollars to help pay for drug rehabilitation for Americans to receive the treatment needed.

The last point that he stated was the current hunt to end terrorism. He gave figures on how many Al Qaeda members he apprehended or killed. This was a bad move because it made him sound like a cowboy. He also gave us accusations that Iraq was trying to obtain materials to construct nuclear devices. This was also a bad move in the fact that he showed no visual proof to back up his words. Iran came up in the speech, and we are now going to be involved in a war with them as well.

The point of the State of the Union address is to inform the people on what the president plans to do. President Bush managed to do this, but made a mistake on spending too much time talking about the war. We could now be entering the next world war.

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