-Year-Olds Voting: Overview of US Policy

On December 21, 1970, the Supreme Court of the United States made a decision that would drastically affect the lives of many young adults/ By a vote of five to four, the Court declared that eighteen year olds could vote in National Elections provided they meet the normal requirements of citizenship, residency, and registration issued by their homes states (Mitchell 1). This was a great step for youths in both political and nonpolitical aspects in the way that it shows responsibility and awareness in our society.

Since the majority of those affected by this policy are either in school or full time members of the working field, they will likely receive a lower income, therefore feeling the impact of the rising cost of living and education. Public policies have a great impact on the eighteen to twenty year old voters. For example, economic policies affecting their basic life chances and policies regarding their lifestyle and personal liberties. By its policies, government can grant or deny substantial benefits to young workers and students.

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Likewise, it can impose heavy burdens and controls such as budget cuts. These cuts could cause state legislators to reduce spending on education and increase tuition and/or fees. That could cause great controversy among youth who depend on government funds to better their education, possibly setting back their efforts.

Since the early 1900's, youth have shown leadership by expressing their ideas and opinions with strong and persuasive actions, many of which contribute to their awareness and impact on society today. For example, if our government can trust our youth to be mature and capable of enlisting in the military at the age of eighteen, then they are mature enough to vote as to who the commander in chief will be.

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If one is considered capable of sacrificing their life for the lives of America by handling both the mental and physical burdens brought by war, then one should be capable of deciding their own factors of life.

There are also many downsides to a fresh group of voters. For example, many youths may not choose or qualify to vote. Since some of the youth come from lower class, they will most likely be unable to pass the qualifications in reading or other categories because of the lack of basic education. If a youth comes from a family of wealth, odds are their family will greatly influence their choice in elections on if they vote democratic or republic (Mitchell 3).

As citizens of the United States, the constitution allows us the right to vote when we are eighteen. To depel of this right, legislatures would have to pass a bill in the house of representatives and have that bill ratified in the senate to repeal the amendment. This would have profound effects on the population, especially among the sector of the population who falls in the age categories of 18 and 20. This would cause major riots and extreme outbreaks that would be non-beneficial to the government.

However, to fail to vote in the interest of protecting their rights and benefits, or to change it by including other benefits, does not seem wise. The ability to vote is a great advantage if used correctly. If one qualifies for the ability to vote it is to their advantage to voice their opinions in order that they might make a change.

The ability to vote opens doors for many changes and professions. By including a more divers representation of people, we will have a better and stronger government. Including views from the young and old to the rich and poor, we will be able to better understand the people of America. For a government to run properly, it should represent all of its people and not just a select group. By allowing our youth the be capable of the responsibility to vote we are slowly taking a step forward to this unity amongst our government.

In an effort to get Americans involved with the political process, we should make every effort to educate Americans in the ways of politics. Since youth is, of all age groups, the most flexible and able to learn, 18 is the perfect age to begin the molding of a new, political mind. With the ability to vote, we can voice our opinions on taxes and wages along with other things such as entertainment and clothing, all which may affect our lives on a daily basis. With the ability to speak out in a sophisticated, mature matter, with a vote, one's chances of being heard is greater.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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