Margot in "All Summer in a Day Reaction" by Ray Bradbury

All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury depicts an innocent girl who is tormented by her society for not being the same. I like this story immensely, not only for its engaging plot but how it directly correlates with society today. It also shows how people are pure pressured into being someone they aren’t. The first reason I liked this story is because of its futuristic setting. The story is set in Venus in a jungle where all it does is rain.

Once every seven years there is two hours of sun. The concept of having only two hours of rain every seven years is fascinating.

It is fascinating because we take the sun for granted, and the people of Venus cherish it and yearn for the sun to come out. The sun to them is something unknown, something to look forward to, for people on Earth it is just light. Another interesting thing about the setting is that it only rains.

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Where Margot lives there is only rain, but it is not a light drizzle it is a downpour every day and every night. The rain is a symbol for despair. The rain is what keeps all of the kids’ spirits so low.

If there were sun everyday on Venus, every kid would be living a happy jubilant life. The second reason I loved this short story is because of the life lesson it taught me. While reading this short story I was memorized how a little girl could be locked up in a closet just for being different.

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Margot was just an innocent little girl who remembered her life on Earth. She also remembers the sun and since she did, the rest of the kids in her class took advantage of her. They locked her in a closet just before the sun came out.

This is not only taking the one thing she loved from her but destroying her dreams. All Margot wanted to see was the sun, she wanted to feel its heat, look at its beauty, but her classmates had a different plan. They wanted to make her feel sorry; she was tormented for being different than them. Another reason they did this was because they were jealous of her. They were jealous she could have had a future on Earth, where the sun comes out everyday. The kids knew she had a chance to go back, and out of jealousy they locked her in a closet.

From this I learn that jealousy can take over someone’s his or her common sense and do something so repulsive and mean. What this story teaches me about normal life is that I can never get caught up what is going on around me. I cannot focus on what is going on around me I have to focus on how I am affecting other people. This also teaches me that what other people think can never distract me. Another major reason I liked this book is because as I read this over for the second time, I started thinking about myself.

I thought about it anybody had ever influenced me to do something that was not, “me. ” I also thought about if I had ever seen anybody do something blatantly wrong to someone else. I then thought should I have just stood there as a bystander and watched this kid get tormented. I stopped reading and decided that I also learned that I need to stand up for what I believe in, and in this case one of her class mates should have stopped this from happening before it happened. The last thing I liked about this short story is how each character was uniquely different than the last.

For example, the first character we directly meet is Margot. Immediately Bradbury states, “Margot stood apart from them, from these children who could never remember a time when there wasn’t rain and rain and rain. ” From this we learn that Margot doesn’t relate with the rest of the kids because she has something the rests of the kids don’t, she has a memory of the sun. This is very interesting because the rest of the kids are jealous of her, and this is one of the many distinctions we have of Margot. Another thing we learn about Margot is she used to live on Earth.

When she was five she moved to Venus, but she strictly remembers what the sun looks like. She is just an innocent girl who had a distinction that set her apart from the rest of the group. The kids on the other hand can be distinguished as one character. These kids symbolize society today; everyone has to be the same. Since Margot stood out from the rest of them, the kids punished her. The children also get distracted from what they have done so they can go play in the sun, what they don’t realize is they are hurting others peoples feelings by being oblivious to the world.

This made me think about times I had ever been so oblivious to someone else’s feelings just so I could do something of interest. In conclusion, All Summer in A Day is a phenomenal short story with many interesting characters and fun plot changes. Also this short story made me think about daily life and how I always need to stay focused my opinions, not what other people thing. Also I need to care for other peoples feelings and not only my own.

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Margot in "All Summer in a Day Reaction" by Ray Bradbury

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