Advantages of a Press Club in schools

A press club is an organization for journalists and others professionally engaged in the production and dissemination of news. The press generally has to do with gathering, evaluating and distributing facts of current interest. It makes use of reporters, learners in this case, who research and write stories to be presented during school assemblies or to be posted on boards often with the guidance teachers as editors. Such news, in most cases consists of events that have happened in the school, the current ones, and those still on the pipeline.

A school press club is important to the learners involved, school at large and even the community. There are a number of benefits that can be aligned with a press club. Some are; The press club will furnish the students and school populace with the information of things happening around them in the school, within the country and the world at large. It also brings the community closer to the school and makes people feel as though they are active participants in the education process as they asked to comment on aspects of either the school or education system every now and then.

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The club would help build interpersonal skills in members as they will interact with a number of people in search for information. The club can create in learners both in the club and outside the interest in a journalism career. It would also instill and build confidence and self-esteem in learners. It also gives training on journalism to those involved.

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A press club also does establish a culture of excellence. The learners will strive to produce the best they can. It isn’t anything that is ever verbalized or stressed in the program; it is inherent in the culture of the program. They think they are supposed to be “the best,” and they make it reality. It would also impart into learners the skill of researching which they will also use in other areas of learning.

The press club will also impart and improve the writing and speech skills in learners as they will be exposed to it, be it daily or weekly. As the Chinese put it “tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand”, a press club is one such forum where our pupils can be involved in their learning and surely they will not only remember but also understand. With press clubs in our schools, we will have learners who will understand that composition writing is not always letter writing but it involves much more. Let us ensure that we have these clubs in our schools and maybe and just maybe we may always be updated on the number of districts the nation has!

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Advantages of a Press Club in schools

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