Comparison Of Community Clubs

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The local club that I have chosen is Swimming NSW. The sport that they mainly focus on is swimming. Swimming has a long list of benefits, which makes it among the most recommended cardio workouts. It is also a great sport for people with disabled qualities. This will be from my perspective, as I am a member of Swimming NSW and I will discuss how it has physically and socially benefited me.

Swimming has physically benefited me by making me lose weight.

Before I joined swimming, I used to have a much larger stomach before I joined, and now after I can see a significant difference in my weight. At my swim school, we have a warm up, a main, then racing and sprinting at the end. As it is an all body workout, it engages almost every major muscle in the body, which makes it a great sport choice for all ages. This is a very good sport to choose, and I really enjoy it.

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While i’m swimming, I use my fitbit to track my swimming. I swam for 6.3km, and burned 655 calories.

Swimming has socially benefited me as now I have more friends. When you go to swim in a swim club or school, you can make many friends as there are many other people with you swimming. In my swim school, before and after we swim, we stretch our muscles to avoid clamps and aches during and after the lesson. In this time, we talk and make jokes, which I personally enjoy.

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During swimming, when we have breaks, be use kick boards while resting, and we go up and down the pool talking about things we do during school, and just general chatting before we go back and train again. This is how swimming has socially benefited me. After what I do in the lesson, I go to many of the Swimming NSW events and compete.

In conclusion, swimming is a great sport to choose as it effects two of the dimensions of health, physical and social. After I swim, I feel like I really benefit from that session, and it makes me feel tired as well as my muscles ache. This shows that swimming is an amazing sport to do and everyone should choose it.

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