Advantages and Disadvantages of the Modern Technology

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Using the new technology in education has become a center point of many researches and studies. Modern education has to combine with modern technology to come up with best results. The teacher and the student both can use the technology to enhance the teaching and learning strategies. On the other hand, many people are worried of the possible harmful effects of using technology in the classroom or at home. Will children lose their ability to relate to other people? Will they become dependent on technology to learn? Will they find inappropriate materials? The same was probably said with the invention of the printing press, radio, and television.

All of these can be used inappropriately, but all of them have given humanity unlimited access to information which can be turned into knowledge. Appropriately used- interactively and with guidance- they have become tools for the development of higher order thinking skills.

Modern technology plays an important role in our daily lives, it is the means of communication and entertainment.

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Computers, televisions and smartphones has influenced our lives in different ways, nowadays everyone carries a smartphone with access to the Internet. Imagine going a whole day without your cell phone. Would you be able to function right?

The advancement of many new sciences has made our lives easier and more convenient. As our technology improves, so does our quality of life. For instance new health machines have significantly increased the average life span for humans as well as household pets. There are apps and machines that people can use at home: small devices that you can plug into your computer and it will give you an overview of your body; heart rate, blood pressure, Now people can just stay at home and not visit the doctor.

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There is a lot of controversy that goes along with it, but I believe that benefits are far greater, than the negatives. To the civilized world, technology is electronic devices, and the internet, among other things. But to people outside it who live apart in their own groups, it can mean different things. Cultures have different ways of embracing the way they see technology. When new types of technology come around they can present a great conflict within the culture.

A book, for example, can create a great deal of change within these societies; In places like this being literate is something that more and more people are starting to do. So, as books are starting to be introduced a new way of learning is introduced thus, changing the way they can educate themselves. Media in cultures can also present problems as to it’s regulated, what can be seen, what can’t be seen, privacy, and security issues. Technology will continue to be a debate among our societies as we continue to evolve day by day.

We either have to learn to embrace it, or we are going to struggle, as newer technologies are becoming a part of everyday life. The opportunities technology gives us are infinite, but with these opportunities we must fight the difficulties they pose. Whether they be in our educational system, the professional one, or even in our modern societies. As Michael Wesch once said, “When we use the media, the media uses us. ” That means the media will mediate societies, and when the media changes once again, so will the relationships as well.

In conclusion I think rapid advancement of technology has made a great impact on peoples’ life-styles, the way people communicate now has significantly changed, the modern health machines have saved many lives and the environmental issues have been considered and so now machines are being invented which helps reduce the co2 emissions. Looking at the positive side, overall it has made society even better and there is no limit to the development of the technology.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Modern Technology

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