Advantages and Disadvantages of the Modern Technology

Skills: Library resources and services
The library at C.O.M Yap campus is a very important place where students could get help from when they really needed help on their assignments or anything they might want to know more about. It is a place where students could explore many things and learn about times in the past and could help in answering some mysterious questions that might occurred in their minds. Therefore, the library is offering resources and services in which are free to the students to explore them when they needed help.

In the library, the resources contain many things that are very interesting and helpful to students. In addition, the library is offering six items under the resources. These items are; books, archives, government documents, periodicals, audio-visual, and Internet access and online databases. In this case, the resources help us understand what is happening around the world through newspapers, magazines, and of course the Internet.

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These resources are very helpful for they are the sources of our learning.

The library also offers services that had given to students who ask for it and in need of. These services includes borrowing of books, computers for research, printing, media services, collection development, reference and research assistance, and library orientation. The library orientation service has always given to freshmen especially on the first week of the semester. Other service like printing is one that always serves students every day. Students use this to print their papers.

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Research on the other hand is always hard for students due to the lack of knowledge on how to research.

In this case, the librarian is the right person to give students the information. In other word, students are to ask the librarian for help. The librarian then can help each individual in using these services in the library appropriately. In conclusion, the resources and services are the main skills that make the library so important. Because of these two skills, the library welcomes more and more students every day. These two skills help students to find answer on their own and by the help of the librarian.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Modern Technology
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