Advantages And Disadvantages Of Smartphone Technology


Smartphone technology is an advancement of classic mobile telephone communication that integrates the functions of a computer. It enables a mobile handset to handle multimedia, data capture, and processing, web browsing alongside voice calls and messaging. Users can now enjoy these services with the comfort and convenience of their location. This essay looks at the benefits and negative effects of using smartphones.

Smartphones have revolutionized navigation and tracking of objects, making it easier to move from one point to another.

The improvements of mobile phone technology in microenvironment determination are because the mobile phones are faster at identifying first locations and capable of getting location in challenging environments thanks to the combination of assisted Global Positioning Systems-(GPS) technology and network positioning systems. (Donaire-Gonzalez, D.,et al 2016)

The use of computer in data processing has gone a long way to increase efficiency, accuracy, and integrity thus becoming a part of daily lives. Access to these vital services anywhere outside our offices or homes is economical.

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One can easily perform such important tasks from their location hence eliminate the time needed to travel back to the office.

The size and weight of mobile handset devices are small and thus portable. The versatility of smartphones allows mobility without having to carry around bulky and heavy computers, cameras, and other devices, thus an advantage.

The ability of smartphones to connect to the internet and other devices using wireless technology allows users access to remote services without physical connection hence reducing cost. Users can also correspond and communicate via e-mail and other social networks hence convenient.

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Unlike classic mobile phone devices, smartphones incorporate complex security measures with password encryption and data back-up as examples, which ensure privacy and integrity of information.

Smartphones have some undesirable effects, however. A mental impairment resulting from modern technology has come to the attention of sociologists, psychologists, and scholars of education on mobile addiction. Mobile phone addiction and withdrawal from the mobile networks may increase anger, tension, depression, irritability, and restlessness which may alter the physiological behavior and reduce work efficacy ( Parasuraman, S., et al 2017). Addiction to these gadgets has proved to be a cause of distraction and fatigue with negative consequences. Drivers causing accidents as a result of using their smartphones is a good example. The loss or damage of a smartphone device can also have an immensely negative impact and compromise the privacy and confidentiality of privileged information.


The advent of smartphone networks has impacted greatly our daily lives with the benefits out-weighing its negative effects. This advancement is arguably among the greatest achievements of this century


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