Abstract Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Statement of the Problem

This study sought to identify the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology based on the perception of 2nd year BSAMT students. Specifically it answers the following questions

1. What are the reasons of the students in using modern technology?

2. What are the effects of using modern technology in the learning of students?

3. How can the students maximize the use of technology in learning?

Research Design

The design of this study is a survey method which refers to a descriptive approach.

It has the intention to determine the correlation between subtopics. Included in this study's sample population of hundreds respondents to ensure the validity of the estimate of the overall relationship between the variables obtained.


1. The total number of respondents that comprised our data gathering is 168 2nd year BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology from different sections.

2. Most 2nd year AMT students take 1-2 hours/day of WIFI usage for Educational purposes pointing out that using technology students can lessen their time in doing their homework.

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Though some takes more than 3 to 5 or even more hours in using it indicating that they are mostly using the internet nowadays rather than books.

3. If WIFI was ever possible in the school the respondents mostly answered that they will use it generally for learning unlike the other respondents you answered to use it for playing and socializing. WIFI connection brings us the world wide web to the palm of our hands it may be advantages for learning it is still open disadvantages such as gaming and socializing which is a distraction in a students learning.

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4. Ever since technology incorporated applications in our mobile phones it has helped us every day from personal and school activities indicating that it is now essentials in our lifestyle since the respondents answered mostly that mobile phones and their apps is the biggest benefit of using digital media in the classroom.

5. PATTS is on the verge in improving and incorporating technology in its facilities and from the respondents they have chosen that the school should focus on mounting projectors in each classroom together with speakers to integrate audio visual learning which will benefit the students well because through the use of projectors instructors can now PowerPoint their lessons, play videos to understand complicated things like (e.g. “how a rocket works?”)

6. The school has provided its library with computers so it can help students research topics and lessons in the school with internet. Though it lacks performance in terms of the computers being used that it needs improvement as said by the respondents that the internet connection is sometimes not working and the computers performance is slow and laggy therefore reducing its worth and functionality in the school.

7. Respondents answered that projectors is neither agree nor disagree in making them more active and attentive in class. Agree because they are able to understand the lessons very well and disagree because they tend to be sleepier because some instructors just read their presentations.

8. Internet/online is better than books is neither agree nor disagree. Agree because they are a lot easier to find by simply using a computer and just copy paste and printing it. While others answered disagreeing because some online e references are opinionated therefore not good sources for getting information.

9. Taking pictures of lessons written on the board is better than writing notes is neither agree nor disagree. Agree because you don’t have to write anymore and just saved photos and just view it later and also you don’t have to bring notebooks anymore. Disagree because they don’t have high pixeled camera to take pictures from their phones or better yet they still prefer writing in notebooks.

10. Respondents answered neither agree nor disagree in taking notes by using camera, it will be difficult to remember and understand the topic discussed. Agree because they will just lean to their picture notes therefore not reading or even studying it. Disagree because with their notes they can study them on their phones. 11. Using laptops and projectors in class make learning more efficient is neither agree nor disagree. Agree because they can use laptops to help them in their studying habits, disagree because they tend to use notebooks and just prefer to listen to their instructors.


Based on the respondents answer and the researchers findings and interpretations. The researchers has derived conclusions that would give clarity to what this thesis is seeking to answer.

1. The reasons why students use modern technology in learning because it helps them in their studying habits and even doing their homework with ease. It also is a tool in the classroom through projectors which also helps the instructors deliver their lessons clearly. Through the internet we can research information obtained from google understanding things more gaining more ideas.

2. The effects of using modern technology in learning of the students have its good and bad sides. Good because the research time span for researching will decrease and it can help in finding more information in a short time. With that we can gain more ideas about the topic to make class discussions more interesting at school. Making the student more ready for school. The bad side when it is not used properly and it is merely used for gaming and socializing rather than learning it can create may distractions for students and it can also be a cause for them to fail their classes. Therefore it is still in the students choice whether he will use it wisely.

3. Students can maximize their learning when their school technology incorporated already using modern technology in their curriculum. Like WIFI connections and computers with programs to help each and every student in their school activities. Also we have to raise awareness to students on how technology be able to aid them in their studies therefore maximizing their learning capabilities and ideas.


According to the conducted research, survey and observation by the researchers, Modern technology is neither advantage nor disadvantage but, if PATTS is willing to put money on improving its facilities it will be an advantage.

1. In order for the PATTS to cope up with schools, PATTS should incorporate modern technology in their curriculum to improve the education of its courses to have a name especially in the aviation industry. An aviation school like PATTS needs a major upgrade especially in its enrollment system school nowadays use online enrollment and they can even view their grades at home.

2. Researchers recommend that PATTS should try M-LEARNING (what is M-Learning? Is a new educational paradigm, that creates an environment in which students access to course materials, instructions and applications anytime and anywhere) taking the school’s curriculum to a technology based learning bring a lot of opportunities in one students learning for example with M-Learning a student can study anywhere as long as there is access to an internet connection, can work at own pace and can accommodate different learning styles through different activities.

3. Given the idea that 2nd year AMT students in PATTS have neither agreed nor disagreed about the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology in their learning we would like to recommend the study be conducted again. Given the changing nature of technology a series of studies, based on our model, would document improvements and thereby increase the potential that decisions regarding the composition of modern technology in learning would lessen bias and answer the question whether modern technology is a neither advantage nor disadvantage in learning.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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