The Unconditional Love of God Despite Our Imperfections

God loves us even if we sin. We all are selfish and evil in our own way. Even after Jesus saved us, and sacrificed for our sins, we still choose to sin. God made us able to choose right and wrong. God made us able to do great things and be happy. Why do we choose to disobey Him?

The meaning of sin is the disobedience against God. Knowing what God wants but not caring, and choosing to do what you want instead, is sinning.

We were all created in the perfect image of God. He gave us his moral laws, which we were supposed to follow. When we do sin, we essentially have the intuition to do so, but we choose to disobey God anyways.

With this in mind, God made Adam and Eve. They were created perfectly and in God’s image, but they were the first people who have ever sinned. God provided Adam and Eve the freedom of choice.

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With the freedom of choice, came the opportunity to sin. God told Adam and Eve what not to do: not to eat the forbidden fruit. God did not tempt them, in any way, into disobedience but, regardless, gave them the choice to rebel against him. Despite the faultless and perfect qualities that Adam and Eve were given, they still chose to disobey God even though they had the capability to choose the right thing. Nevertheless, God honored their choices and the consequences that came with them. Adam and Eve’s choice to sin continue to affect our everyday lives, and, in result, a world filled with greed, oppression, prejudice, and so on.

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Denial of God, rebellion against God, and iniquity against God are examples of sins. For example, racial injustice is a sin. It contradicts God’s kindness, and that we were all made in the likeness of God. You cannot truly accept God into your heart when your life is filled with prejudice and hatred to his creation. Not to mention, racism was the reason for the Holocaust, and other wickedness in the world. It is not just evil and immoral, but entirely offensive to God. It is nearly similar to spitting in God’s face. In the book The Scarlet Letter, the adultery that Hester and Dimmesdale have committed is a sin because they both turned away from God when they became unfaithful towards God’s laws. The sacred vows Hester made to Chillingworth are now all lies and unfaithfulness towards God.

On the other hand, a bad habit or an aspiration is not a sin. You’re not necessarily disobeying God but, simply, pleasing yourself in an unhealthy way or striving for success with immense determination. Similarly, pranking somebody is not a sin. You want them to believe you for a couple of minutes, not their entire life. In other words, you’re not letting them live in a lie, or extensively harming them in any way shape or form. There’s really nothing wrong with harmless joking within certain limits. Also without laughter, life would be gloomy and depressing. God has a sense of humor as do we. Another example, is homosexuality. The Scriptures do not condemn homosexual relationships. Also, you are not in any way, disobeying God. In the matter of fact, when you’re in a relationship with someone you don’t actually love, you are keeping yourself from everlasting joy within God in your heart, and that’s a sin.

Once you've sinned, you can apologize and feel regret, but you can never get cleared and forgiven by God. The only way to achieve eternal life, after this world, is to put your trust in God. Since our sins have been paid by Jesus, he asks us not to live a sinful lifestyle. The only way you can get salvation through Jesus is by believing in him and repenting your sins. Repentance is choosing God’s will and believing in the Christian faith. It's not just regret. You cannot be saved only with repentance. It does not justify how you work each day and how hard you fight for your forgiveness. It only aids you to being saved. Therefore, with repentance and faith, along with God’s love and kindness, you should be on your way to salvation through Jesus.

Overall, sin is a complicated thing. Whether you sin out of love or convenience, like in The Scarlet Letter, or your promotion, God still loves you. God will listen and wait for us. In contrast, God may have already decided what to do with each and everyone of us. No one can ever know. No matter what, sinning is disobeying God, and nobody likes being disobeyed.

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