Imperfection Is Beauty

Nobody is perfect. We all have flaws and imperfections. While it is worthwhile to overcome these inabilities or habits, in some cases it might be more efficient to work with it instead of completely trying to give it up. It is never easy to quit cold turkey and inability to do so can only cause us dissatisfaction or trauma. If we are able to honestly identify our strengths and weaknesses, we can analyze our character to figure out what needs to be fixed or modified.

This course offered here at Drexel University allows us to do exactly that. Over the years, I have come to realize some of my own flaws and mistakes that have kept me from performing to the best of my ability and succeed academically. The quarter system at Drexel really requires us to be on top of our game. I have always made sure to keep up my attendance for all classes including lectures where attendance is not mandatory.

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However, when it comes to preparation I haven’t exactly been up to the mark. Being a procrastinator all my life, I have had serious issues completing an assignment beforehand instead of stressing over it last minute. Time management is what it takes to overcome this problem and it was one of my major New Year’s resolutions this year to manage my time and schedule efficiently to finish tasks beforehand. This not only takes away the stress working on an assignment last minute, but also allows for more free and leisure time.

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Next in line would be my dedication to my academics. As important as it is to me, I have also been giving other things similar, if not the same, importance. This term I have also promised myself to prioritize matters and believe in it. While it is easy to prioritize matters, it is important to able to say NO to things, no matter how tempting it is. Of course, this is easier said than done. But I have been able to stick to my promise so far and am determined to maintain it till the end of the term. A third change I have planned on is to improve my communications skills. The way one speaks and present themselves can go a long way.

I have decent communication skills and have always tried to use it to my benefit, as anybody should. But coming from another country, I wish to master the art of commination skills in the American culture. This is reason I eagerly took a communications course this term, specifically ‘techniques of speaking’. I have found this class to be very interesting as I have already learned a few simple things that I was not aware of before but have been doing all my life. Like for example, the handshake. It is so important because that is how you identify yourself to a person you just met and the way you hold the other person’s hand, your facial expression, etc., all matters so much because the new person you just met does not know anything about you and it is the only thing for his basis in judging you.

In order to keep track of my progress I have started writing in a planner, something I never really got into the habit of doing but now have come to realize the importance of. Every action of everyday is recorded in my planner and before executing anything, I have been double checking with my planner. I am already noticing impacts of these little changes and this keeps me wanting to continue them not just till the end of the term, but in future academic years to come. I was watching in a documentary where an old man holds an athlete’s head under water to the point where he was struggling to get out and breathe.

Then he said to the young athlete “When you want to succeed as bad as you wanted to breathe just now, it will happen.” I strongly believe in that and feel like if you really want something for yourself, you need to be ALL about it. Sometimes you may have to go out of your way to achieve and succeed like miss a night’s sleep, skip a meal or two, etc. While these are not healthy practices, this is where priorities come into play and as long as you set your priorities right, you cannot go wrong and you WILL succeed. I hope to continue my academic career at Drexel with this kind of positive attitude till the very end and reach my goal in life, inshAllah.

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Imperfection Is Beauty

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