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One day my little niece told me about an exercise that her class was doing, where they were giving up something bad for them, or something bad they did for three days. She asked me to do this with her and quit cursing, so I agreed to do it. My horrible mouth has always been a character flaw that has made me feel like an outsider in social situations. The very first day was so hard because I quickly realized in order to do this I was going to have to be able to control my emotions.

That is something that has always been a character flaw of mine. I am a person that is easily rowed up when life’s little stressors happen. For example, when I get ready in the mornings there is certain things I depend on to help me get going. I expect the coffee pot to perk my coffee in a few minutes like every other morning, and not require an hour’s repair.

When life’s little stressors like this happen I start thinking, why must I have to waste time dealing with this stupid, petty stuff.

I mean I know everyone has to deal with life’s little stressors, like appliances tearing up and needing replaced. However, I just don’t understand why they must always happen at a time when other things are all ready going on, when I depend on, and need it the most, when I’m tired and running late.

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It seems like everyday I have to deal with so many life stressors all at once and usually somewhere in the middle of thinking all this I lose control of my emotions and begin cursing.

I guess for a moment I feel better, because I’m venting and for a second think I am in control of what’s going on around me; it’s like it’s my only defense. To say the least I failed miserably all three days of the give it up assignment. I was cursing within the first hour I was awake. I hate failing at something I really put my time, and effort into. Even though this three day give it up deal was just an assignment of my nieces I took it seriously and really tried to give up cursing.

I thought now if I can do this for three days I’ll be able to stop cursing all together. Trying to do this assignment and not succeeding was a stressor in it’s self which made me curse. There are many benefits I think in not having the bad habit of cursing. A person sounds more intelligent when they speak without cursing. It show’s they have control over their emotions, and is one way they can keep from offending others. I don’t know how many times I been somewhere around people that shouldn’t have to hear ursing or don’t like it.

Such as children, or Christians, and I let out a big four letter curse word over some little mundane life stressor. It’s very embarrassing for me, but also I can tell how offended they are, and how uncomfortable I made them feel. Cursing is a very bad habit to have and in most situations isn’t socially appropriate. This experience has taught me that I need to express myself without cursing, be more in control of my emotions, and even though I fail I can always keep trying.

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