Despite that trade liberalization plays a big role on allowing

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Despite that trade liberalization plays a big role on allowing the Philippines to access the global market, the local manufacturing industry is one of those affected the most. As mentioned, it increased the number of firms or businesses that were shutting down. From 16,600 employees and 1,153 shoe establishments nationwide in 2015, both faced an immediate decline in 2009 with 1,072 shoe establishments and 12,155 employees, which is a decline of 7% in establishments and 14% in employees (Mojares, 2014). Not only that the shoe capital of the Philippines, Marikina, whose footwear industry slowly suffered but also the city of Binan in Laguna.

Employment opportunities within the respected cities drop down which made the shoemakers to move out in search of employment. According to the recent study of Mojares (2014), few of them were fortunate to find employment in a city called Liliw in Laguna. His study focused on investigating the factors that contribute to the growth of their shoe industry despite the competition that they are having at the local, regional and national levels.

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This will include the analysis on four selected firms in Liliw. The results show the conditions that helped the Liliw footwear industry to successfully compete in the market. The following factors are as stated by Mojares: “the reputation of Liliw as producer of affordable, cheap, and marketable footwear products, increased competition among local footwear products from China, and the existence of financial and community support arrangements.” Another study by Ali Mahdi, Abbas, and Mazar (2015) is a comparative analysis of strategies of huge brands like Nike, Inc.

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and Adidas in the context of a dynamic and competitive environment. Through the analyzation of case studies, articles and reports coming from these brands, this study focuses on how relevant these strategies successfully used by these companies in the international level. The results show that strategies adopted by Nike focuses on innovation and improvement on their research development as well as expanding their market products. Adidas uses the same strategies as well with an effort to produce new products, services, and processes other than footwear apparel. These international companies are exploring ways to expand their market, offering a variety for their customers and it is mentioned that the Liliw industry has the same perception as theirs. Through these comparative analysis between international and local brands it is concluded that there are similarities in their market strategies despite the competition. These findings will be helpful in reinforcing the objectives of the project since one of its goal is for the Philippine shoe industry to be competitive not only locally but internationally as well.

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