Pyramus and Thisbe Essay

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Pyramus and Thisbe

A first-time encounter with the tale of Pyramus and Thisbe would already send your heart fluttering with a hundred different emotions headed primarily of a lover’s longing for his/her partner’s touch and the level of passion the two had shown. Pyramus and Thisbe were childhood lovers that carried with them an ill-fated love story when they were forbidden by their parents to be together. Fortunately, the love between our two lovebirds had been so strong that they discovered a way on how they could communicate day and night.

A common crack in their walls allowed this to happen, and being neighbors, they were able to keep in touch with one another and exchange sweet thoughts. Until the day when they can’t bear the silent distance between them anymore came, they finally decided to run away from home and so, they had set up to meet under a mulberry tree near Ninus’ tomb. Come nighttime, Thisbee, who arrived first, spotted a fierce lioness and immediately ran for her life. While on escape, she accidently dropped her cloak which the lioness viciously tore into pieces.

Pyramus arrived at the scene with the sight of Thisbe’s cloak and abruptly concluded that his better half had died already. With this thought in mind, he took his own life, thinking that he can’t live with the fact that he had left the love of his life to wait alone in the woods. Thisbe arrived minutes later and upon seeing her lover’s dying state, she decided that she would not let death separate them and she took her own life too. The theme of this love story would probably be unconditional love that was unimaginable given Pyramus and Thisbe’s circumstances.

Even death was not powerful enough to separate the two ill-fated lovers. I believe the story only shows how there may be hope for everything. They believed in the love they had and even took the risky choice of leaving everything behind even their own families. This part of the book was really to be well-commended. The love stories were enjoyable to read and Edith Hamilton told the stories in a manner where you can completely visualize scene after scene and really added color to one’s imagination. The narrations were easy to follow and her choice of language was not profane at all, but rather neat and blithe.

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