A Teenage Mother's Quest to Achieve Her Academic Goals at Harper College and Become a Successful Woman in the Future

As my last year at Elk Grove High School has come, my goals after graduation have altered. My ultimate goal for my education is to keep challenging myself during my college years to finish my associate’s degree with a GPA of 3.3 or higher. With this achievement, I will have a higher opportunity in enrolling to University of Illinois School of Engineering to finish my education in majoring electrical engineering. The steps I plan on taking to accomplish these goal is by being accepted for the U of I Urbana Champagne engineering pathway program, being a full-time student at Harper College, and showing full effort and dedication to my performance in school.

With these two goals I can achieve a career I have full passion for and in what I know I will be a successful woman in the future.

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Obstacles that I have faced in my four years of high school relate to the absence of my father. Not having a fatherly figure in our home aided me in becoming more independent and at the same time isolated of others.

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It has also made me more respectful and dependent upon my mother. I have overcome this obstacle by giving twice the effort to my education to show my mom that in no matter what state or situation you are in, there is always a way out. My mother has always taught me that by moving forward in life there is a chance of disappointment and failure. With this obstacle, I am more motivated than ever to become somebody in this society to prove to the ones who have given up on me, and to make my mother and my daughter proud of whom I will become in the future. Another obstacle I am facing right now in high school is being pregnant at the age of 17. People make mistakes, but the minority of them motivate themselves to make that mistake into something better. When I found out I was pregnant, not only did I let down my mom, but I also let down the opportunity of attending college in Puerto Rico to study medicine.

Why I chose to focus on engineering as my career is I have a responsibility to attain as a mother and to I have chosen to accomplish a career that requires a lower number of years in college so I can focus on beginning my life sooner with my daughter. Weeks after discovering I was pregnant, I have dedicated myself into school more than first three years put together. Criticism from my family and the student body of this school has little to no effect on me emotionally because they all do not know my life story or what I have to offer to society. As a teenage mother, I am giving myself the full challenge of finishing high school with my diploma in one hand and my baby girl on the other. It upsets me when I hear stories of other girls the same age as me or younger with the same situation giving up on school just because of their pregnancy at a young age. No obstacle in life from being pregnant at a young age to having no parents should stop anybody from accomplishing their own goals in life. I, as a teenage mother, am willing to become somebody different in society, and I am willing to share my story with anybody else to give some light into their lives so they can see that anything is possible with power of will and full dedication.

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