Teen Mom's Academic Quest for Success at Harper College

As I enter my final year at Elk Grove High School, my goals for the future have shifted. My ultimate ambition is to challenge myself academically throughout my college years and earn an associate's degree with a GPA of 3.3 or higher. This achievement will open doors for me to pursue a major in electrical engineering at the University of Illinois School of Engineering. To reach these goals, I have devised a plan that includes being accepted into the U of I Urbana Champaign engineering pathway program, attending Harper College as a full-time student, and demonstrating unwavering dedication to my studies.

By following this path, I am confident that I can build a successful career in a field that ignites my passion and promises a bright future.

Throughout my high school years, I have encountered significant obstacles that have shaped my journey. Growing up without a father figure in my life forced me to become more independent and self-reliant. While this experience isolated me from others, it also instilled in me a deep respect and reliance on my mother.

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I have channeled this adversity into a driving force for academic excellence, striving to show my mother that no matter the circumstances, there is always a path forward. Her guidance has taught me that setbacks and failures are part of life's journey, fueling my determination to carve out a meaningful place in society and make my mother and daughter proud of the woman I am becoming.

Another challenge I currently face is navigating the journey of motherhood at the age of 17.

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While this unexpected turn of events may have derailed my plans to study medicine in Puerto Rico, it has also fueled a newfound sense of purpose and responsibility. Determined to provide a better future for my daughter, I have chosen to pursue a career in engineering that offers a shorter path to entry into the workforce, allowing me to start building a life for my family sooner.

Upon discovering my pregnancy, I made a conscious decision to redouble my efforts in school, surpassing the dedication I had shown in the preceding three years. Despite facing criticism from both my family and peers, I remain steadfast in my commitment to my education and my aspirations. As a teenage mother, I am determined to defy stereotypes and expectations, balancing the demands of high school with the responsibilities of motherhood.

It pains me to witness other young girls in similar circumstances giving up on their education due to the challenges of early parenthood. I firmly believe that no obstacle, whether it be teenage pregnancy or the absence of parental support, should stand in the way of achieving one's dreams. As I navigate the complexities of teenage motherhood and academic pursuits, I am driven by a desire to inspire others with my story and demonstrate that with unwavering determination and dedication, anything is possible.

My journey towards a career in engineering is not just a personal aspiration but a testament to the power of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity. By sharing my experiences and embracing the challenges that come my way, I hope to pave the way for a brighter future for myself, my daughter, and others who may be walking a similar path.


Updated: Feb 15, 2024
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Teen Mom's Academic Quest for Success at Harper College essay
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