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Interview with My Mom

For this assignment, I decided to interview my mom. Her name is Tracy Michelle Jorgensen, but she goes by Michelle. She is a strong woman who single handily raised two girls. With a heart of gold, she always puts others first. She is generous and would never expect anything in return. And although I may be biased, she is the best mom I could possibly ever imagine. As wonderful as she may be, seldom does she ever go into detail about her past, mostly because she is a very private person.

So given this opportunity, I can now better understand what has made my mom the person she is today. Before I conducted the essay….

Born on July 21, 1954 in Canada, my mother grew up in a small house with seven brothers and sisters. After her parents divorced, she barely spent time with her mother, as she always had to work to support the family. The hardest part about childhood was “feeling lost in the shuffle” my mom said.

“I felt invisible, and I was blamed for everything”. When my mom started school, she met her friend Lisa. My mom described to me the time they got in trouble. “The only time I’ve ever stole anything was with her,” she said. “The cops found us stealing quarters from the newspaper boxes” and “I was mostly scared that my mom would find out.” Once my mom was old enough to leave the house, she moved in with her boyfriend and started to work for him.

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At the age of 23 she was expecting her first child.

Things became rough in the relationship, as her boyfriend was being unfaithful to her. They moved to Florida in search of better job opportunities, when all of sudden, baby number two was on the way. Even with her doubts, my mom found it best to get married. “That was my biggest regret,” said my mom. “Having my two daughters were the best blessings, but actually marrying your dad is my only regret in life.” After splitting with my dad, my mom became determined to create a good life for us. She became part of the neighborhood church where she met Father Brian. He was the most impactful person in her life, because he fully believed in my mom. “When I felt like I couldn’t do it, he had this way of making everything okay” she said, “and making me feel stronger.” For my mom, his support was the kindest thing anyone had done for her, and because of it, it encouraged her to not let anything hold her back. Growing up, we were a huge soccer family.

My sister and I would eat, sleep, and breathe soccer. “It was my most favorite past time to watch my girls play,” my mom said. She would love nothing more than to be back on the sidelines hollering and cheering us on. Being an avid soccer fan, it’s my mom’s favorite sport to watch. I once made the mistake of taking her out in public to watch a World Cup match, as her tendencies to scream and holler follow her everywhere she goes. Even though it’s a past time for her, she relishes in the fact that she will one day watch her grand children play. 4 years ago, my mom found out she was going to be a grand mother. At first she freaked because she felt like she was too young to have that title. She said, “It made me feel like I instantly aged 10 years”. However, it brought out a new sense of fulfillment for her as she stated, “in 20 years I would love nothing more than to be a soccer grandma, cheering on my grand kids!” My mom then briefly told me how her dream has always been to travel Europe.

Her face instantly brightened, and she began to almost overflow with excitement about how her first trip to Europe would be like. She said enthusiastically, “If someone could give me a gift of anything, it would be a trip to travel Europe”. She even mentioned in one of her three wishes that she would fly on a magic carpet and travel around Europe. I sort of chuckled at the thought of that idea, but soon realized her unique and kid-like imagination is what keeps her dream more thrilling.

It puts life into perspective for me to see how my mom overcame her struggles growing up. She made mistakes, but always got up, brushed her shoulders off and kept moving. When I asked her what made her unique, she briefly paused, then said “Conviction.” “If you let your stress, and tough situations weigh you down, you can’t move past it, and you will miss out on the great things that lie ahead.” Her conviction has been her guiding light in life. That answer really hit home for me, and encouraged me to push through any hard times I face. I learned a lot about my mom in this interview, it was refreshing to see her goofy side, and it was humbling to see how she overcame her struggles. If anything has changed, its that my love for her has grown.

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Interview with My Mom
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