A Simple Eassy For Entering the University

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I would be grateful if I could continue my studies in the tertiary education.

In my mind, the University undergraduates should not only pursue academic excellence, but also show great concern for their society. A University education should allow students to explore their potentials and talents. On top of that, it should also help them to develop a positive philosophy of life and to think in a logical and systematic way. Life on the campus should be comfortable and multifarious.

Firstly and most importantly, I look forward to challenging myself.

My expectations to my future career are that it could fit my interest and provide senses of accomplishments to me. Moreover, I hope my profession could be meaningful and respectable; and could serve the needs in the community.

For my areas of strengths, I have an independent and analytic mind. I can think logically and critically. Moreover, I am helpful and considerate to others. During my secondary school years, I had taken part in different kinds of extra-curricular activities, like Computer club, Chess club, Astronomy club and English club.

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They gave me good chances to gain more knowledge that cannot be learnt from general lessons in school. For service terms, I was one of the committee members of the Student Librarians and School I.T. Term. The opportunities of being a committee member, trained my leadership and organization skills. However, I still need more life-experiences to solve the problem I will meet in the future.

Finally, if I could have a chance to study in the University, I would do my best to learn.

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After my graduation, I will contribute to the community by applying what I have learnt in the university to whatever job I might find. As a result, I really hope the University can give me a chance to study and a chance to serve the society in the future.

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A Simple Eassy For Entering the University

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