The Simple Joys of Reading

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What occurs when a person is tired and restless? Possibly he would like to go to a movie theater and eliminate a couple of hours watching a motion picture. However what if there are no good motion pictures or if he has missed the screening time? Possibly he might choose a walk. What if the day is too hot for a walk? What if it was raining? What if this bored and uneasy person is well and really stuck at home? The response is absurdly simple.

If that individual has cultivated the reading practice he would neither feel lonesome nor bored for he would have the company of an excellent look.

Certainly, the satisfaction of reading are manifold. A book can delight and delight the reader, inform him, motivate him, and even frighten him. There are numerous great authors, past and present, who can toy with the emotions of their readers. A great author can make his reader laugh or cry, make him feel happy and thrilled, or sad and depressed.

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Such is the power of the composed word in verbal magic.

Books alone do not make up checking out matter. Newspapers are most likely the most widely check out amongst the written media. However the word can be a little of news. That is perfectly true, nevertheless, papers carry more that simply the most recent news. There are comic strips, ads, readers’ comments for online forum, travel and leisure suggestions, and even agony columns and serialised books.

Then there are magazines.

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Magazines for ladies, magazines for men, lifestyle magazines, et cetera ad infinitum. Depending in his area of interest, a habitual reader is bound to subscribe to a couple of magazines, at least.

There is no aspect of life not covered in the written media; books, newspapers, magazines, journals. A voracious reader will read everything. Even the package of his daily bread or milk carton! Which, as a matter of fact, is a good thing, for he then knows what goes down his gullet!

And there you have it in a nutshell. One who has cultivated the reading habit need not feel lonely nor bored for he has a constant companion who is always with him- in times of health and sickness, in times of joy and sorrow.

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The Simple Joys of Reading

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