A mother is a jewel, but a grandmother is a blessing Essay

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A mother is a jewel, but a grandmother is a blessing

Having a grandmother in my live is the best thing I could ever ask, my grandmother Imelda was a second mother for me, she is my follow model, I learned many things by her side. My grandmother had three qualities; she was comprehensive, very positive and big lovely person.

My grandmother was a comprehensive person, she always tried to get into other shoes to understand and never judge, what a learn about this quality she had, is that people sometimes judge when they did not know the reasons of the actions that people did, that always make problems and the way my grand-mother understand people make me realized that is always better not judge if you do not want you to be judge. Also if I did something wrong, she never punished me, for example, when I crush my truck my mother yelled and punished me, and my grandmother just told me that it was an accident and live goes on. She always had the better advices when something goes wrong.

Second, she was a very positive person she loved to see the family together and never see them fight, for example when my uncles fight she always interpose and try to stop them and avoid more problems. When something went wrong she always tried to do her best and saw the good way of that, for example when my uncle was kidnaped, the family did not had hope but she always told us that he would come back early. She tried to did everything what was in her hands to help family and all the people. For instance, she helped my grand-father’s workers with presents and financial support to their families.

Finally, she always was a lovely person in all the ways, she loved her husband, my grand-father, until the end of his life by being and support him the last year of his life with his disease and never leave my grand-father to give up. She always support her son’s and daughters in all the possible
ways, for example, one day one of my uncles got broke and he did not had a place to live and my grandmother gave him the first floor of the house to live with his wife. She treated and loved her grand-son’s equal, all days she made breakfast and dinner for all the family that wanted to went to the house, she always loved to see the family together.

A grand-mother is a second mother and I thank God for giving me that blessing in my life, also I thank God for my big family, the best family and all the good advices that my grand-mother leave me to go on in life and all the beautiful memories she left me. She is not here now, she passed away 4 months ago but I am so happy had her every single day of my live until her last day. That are the three qualities of my grand-mother that I admire and miss every day.

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