My Childhood Memories Essay

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My Childhood Memories

It’s considered that childhood memory is special for everybody because it’s very personal. I can’t imagine my childhood without reminding the time that I’ve spent at our summer cottage. I can even say that it’s the most precious time in my life. It’s situated in half an hour from city by the most beautiful sea that I’ve ever seen in my life. Unfortunately we sold it 6 years ago, and maybe that is why I appreciate it so much, people always desires what they’ve lost and aren’t able to get back for going through it again.

I still clearly remember us, me, my aunt and my granny, going there every summer for a holiday. And with every new word that I write into this essay I remind new shots from that what we’ve got through there together. We used to spend there 3 months of summer. We went there to spend my birthday and stayed till the study year begins. My mother came to visit me every weekends and I used to show her everything new I’ve found around there. But there is a thing which about I will regret all the rest of my life. It is the time that I’ve spent with my aunt.

If I only could I’d give everything to return these days even though for couple hours. Everything we did we did together, everything I had to share I shared with her and she treated the same way with me. One of the best things I remember is how we went to the seaside everyday. It took us 15 minutes to walk there and we spend nearly whole day there. I liked to go there with her very much; we’ve had so much fun together. Well, also one of the reasons was my friend Tima, 6 years older than me, very cute and kind guy.

He was at sixth class when he left the school to find a job at the building construction to help his mother financially. We met every summer during 5 years. I miss his friendship very much now. The whole woods of the world won’t be enough for me to describe all the good things we had because of they all were such a people and it was such a place that I even can’t remember anything bad. I was 12 when my parents sold the cottage. I believe my childhood ended that day.

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